In The Blink of an Eye

I always speak of Country Roads as a family. This family of mine includes many, many people. There are customers that have been shopping with me since the early days back in January of 1993 when we first opened. I have watched their kids grow-up just like mine. Then those kids get married, and they have children of their own. I sometimes forget just how large, after all these years, that my Country Roads really family is! While I use to talk to many of my customers about our kids, now we share conversation about our grandkids, and just life. We become friends, and those friendships I value so much. There is no way I can describe that. They have a big piece of my heart. And when something horrible happens, it hurts just like they are your own family. It really hurts, it knocks you right up the side of your head.

I just found one of my customers was shot to death by her husband.  Just writing that sentence is almost too much to type. Those words I just typed are difficult words to write, as the reality of this has not yet settled.  The wound has just been open, and not sure how fast this one will heal.  Her name will always be Faith Sieber to me, but she re-married not to long ago and changed her name to her new husbands last name, Bater. This morning her sister called the store because Faith was like the rest of us, she too always had a layaway going.  Thankfully, this is one time I'm glad I am sick and not at work. I'm not sure I could have handled the conversation and thankfully Brande was there to take the call. And I know that had to be tough for Brande, because like me, she had known this family forever as well. Faith would always come in with her Mom (who has had her own struggles), her sister, and sometimes her daughter and grandkids. We would chat about life, I would help her at times with my opinion on something she wanted to buy. When Faith was at the counter, it meant I "had" to visit with my friend. You know, we had to catch up! Especially after almost twenty years of a friendship that we shared. Usually, when Faith was finished shopping, it involved three things. A layaway pickup, new stuff she was buying that day, and a new layaway. She almost always bought plants as well. She lived in the mountains near Lake Arrowhead.  My last conversation with her was about how well her plants had been doing and she was trying to find a way to keep the deer from nibbling the plants. Always cheerful, always smiling and just a wonderful person. 

Faith had gotten married not to long ago. She had been a nurse at Arrowhead Regional Hospital up in the mountains and just retired.  As Katie said to me on the phone when she called to tell me what happened, "Mom, she was SO happy". All I could say was "I know". I will always remember Faith and her wonderful smile and laugh. I can grasp hold of death a bit better if it is from illness, but this one, I've gotta tell you has me baffled. I will miss you my friend. I think it's time we plant one of Johnnye Merle's plants in the garden in your honor. May love & peace be with you always!


Faded Charm said...

Oh, such a tragic story. I guess we never know what people's home life is like and some never show any signs of problems in public.

So sorry for your loss of a friend and to her family for such a senseless thing to happen.

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Sue,
I am so sorry for the untimely passing of your friend! What a horrible thing to happen!!
I pray for her friends and family, I can only imagine what they are going through right now!
Please take care of yourself, I know this is difficult for you as well! You are in my thoughts and prayers!

Anonymous said...

This is terrible news, I can remember always seeing layaway tags around the store with her name. She had great taste. I am sorry that this person, friend, customer will not brighten up your days. My thoughts are with you and everyone one that knew her.

Diane Mars said...

Very sad for all, what a tragic situation I sure hope the family and you her dear friends find peace in knowing what a happy soul she was~ Hugs and Big Kisses, Diane

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

So many questions and not enough answers or time for that matter! So so sorry Sue to read this. I'm lifting you all up in prayer.

Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

So, so sad. It baffles me that these kinds of things can really happen to people we know. My prayers go out to you and to her family. What a tragic story. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend.

Malisa said...

Oh, Sue, I am SO sorry! What a tragic loss! Life is so uncertain. It is frightening! I know you are hurting right now. Take some relief from the fact that she was a friend who returned to visit you time after time. She must have cherished your friendship! Sending prayers up for Faith, her family and your family!



So sorry to hear about your friend and customer. Being a shop owner myself I know what it is like getting to know your customers and their families. Over time your customers turn into friends. This pass fall a sweet young gal who worked in the coffee shop next to my shop passed away. She was a angel here on earth. I believe heaven has a new angel with the name Faith.

Kate said...

Dear Sue
So very sorry about your tragic loss. Sending you much love and thoughts during this time. My prayers to all of you.


time worn interiors said...

How awful! I'm so sorry for you and her family! I've had friends lose their life to tragic means and it is never forgotten! My heart goes out to all of you!

Genie said...

Hold on to the joy of your friend's life. Let's pray that if there is anyone out there reading your blog and suffering domestic violence will find the strength to escape.

The Boston Lady said...

I am sorry to hear this Sue. I can only imagine how you, as a friend feel, and how her family must feel. Ann