Johnnye Merle Gardens & Annie's Annuals

Here in Southern California we are truly blessed with pretty good weather. And because of it, our own Johnnye Merle Gardens and Nursery is open year round. Another perk of SoCal gardening here all year round! Recently we just got a huge shipment of Annie's Annuals in. I noticed the Sweet Pea's were selling pretty quickly as soon as they got here! Don't forget that Country Roads & Johnnye Merle's is having a sale this President's week-end. We hope to see many of you down here enjoying our store and our gardens! Here are a few pictures that were taken recently in my favorite little garden!

Above is Gramma Johnnye with Brande when she was a baby. There was such a bond between my Mom and Brande. And every once in awhile when "the store" gets crazy, I step outside in the back of the store and just stroll through the gardens. I find peace knowing my Mom is looking down on all of us and knowing that every little thing is alright. I hope you find some time to stop by Country Roads, and go outside and really enjoy our little piece of paradise, "Johnnye Merle Gardens & Nursery"!


The Green Pea said...

That is a sweet photo of Gramma and Brande. Brande is beautiful and look at all that hair! sandi

Maureen said...

I am green with envy....when I look outside all I see is a sea of white!