I am NOT complaining, but we have been so BUSY since the first of the year! Seriously. Yesterday was no exception. For those of you that shop at "the store" you will notice that the few photos I have to share this morning were taken pretty quickly and this stuff is right by the front door. That is as far as I got yesterday with my camera!

A sincere "thank you" for everyone that continues to shop with us at Country Roads. In the beginning of the year, I wrote a dealer newsletter. In it, I talked about all of us "steppin' up our game". Asking that we keep up our quality and displays so that we would continue to be a destination for our customers. And I have to say, the majority of my Country Roads family has not let me down. And for those of you that are not going to a Super Bowl party tomorrow, you can always come down and see us. We will be open, as usual, 10am-5pm! We are enjoying some beautiful weather outside this week-end, come on down to Old Towne Orange & Country Roads to enjoy it! And Johnnye Merle's Nursery out in the back still has some GREAT plants from Annie's Annuals! It's a great time to concentrate on our Spring gardens!! Take care.


Malisa said...

Hooray for busy! You are doing an awesome job...as usual!

Prior said...

Everything looks awesome...I guess busy is good, but take care of yourself, too! Lezlee

The Boston Lady said...

Busy is good when you are in "the Biz". Your pictures look great, as they always do. You do a wonderful job of promoting your store and showing the variety of items that are on dispaly and available. Ann

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

The shop look's beautiful and you always take great photos of the goodies. I can't wait to see Spring open house pics. Thank's for sharing......Julian

time worn interiors said...

So glad to hear things are going well there! Sell, sell, sell! A little quote my dad used to say to me when we were leaving for a trip!