Open, Open, Open!!!

In just a few hours, Country Roads will OPEN for our big President's Week-end three day sale! And, we are ready at 10am for you!! We got all the sales signs up last night, so I hope you are all as ready as we are. This is also an event that many other stores in Old Towne Orange participate in. If you are interested, go visit my friend Mike's website HERE! And click on the picture that advertises our Old Towne Orange three day event! Below are just a few pictures of the many different looks and styles here at Country Roads!

Those of you that are familiar and are a fan of Lori Gutierrez's artwork, pictured above, she will be at Country Roads this morning.  Lori will be here around 10am to do a "little painting" if you would like to meet her and see how truly talented she is. Right now her mermaid art is very, very popular. Also, outside the store in the back, Johnnye Merle's Garden & Nursery is having a sale on all plants, including the really awesome plants from Annie's Annuals! The Annie's sweet peas are flying out of the garden, and not from the wind! For more information on JM Gardens, click HERE! I am always so amazed at the talent my Country Roads family has. I'll be back tomorrow to post some more pictures of Country Roads that will illustrate again that Country Roads has something for everyone!! Hope to see you this three day sale and holiday week-end! Our CR customers really are the best! Have a great day!!


Annie Louise said...

We are going to try our darnedest to make it to Country Roads sometime this weekend. We were going to stop by yesterday, but it would have been a real quick trip, in and out and that is what we have had to do the last two or three times we have visited. We decided we want to savour our time at Country Roads and take in all its glory, so hopefully we have a good amount of time to visit sometime Sunday or Monday. Good luck this weekend. Your pictures once again are amazing, as are your dealers. Blessings to you and your crew,
Jeanette and Jackie

Malisa said...

SO wish I was there! Can you please move your store closer to Texas? Your dealers' displays look absolutely awesome! And I must say that you took some might fine photos, girl!

Vintage Market Place said...

oh it is all going to be gone by the time I get there. :(
It is all so lovely.
Have a great sale and hope you don't get tooo crazy.