Vintage Inspiration Friday

For this weeks "Vintage Inspiration Friday", I wasn't sure what I was going to post. While I was working at "the store" today, it dawned on my what I wanted to write about. My vintage inspiration this week comes from my son, Bryce. Or as I like to call him, "my boy Bryce"! He has really found his niche with the industrial pieces he works on! Here are a few of some of my favorites!

The lamp, above made out of old pipes and other industrial metals, now sits on my desk in my office. I don't care how old my kids are, if they've made something it warms my heart. I told Bryce yesterday, when thanking him for the lamp, that I still had the little box he made me in wood shop in junior high school. I've watched his "inspiration" turn old vintage things into something that has been totally re-purposed! Want to talk recycling? So, thank you to my son for today's inspiration. And thank you to Debra, for her daily inspiration. I feel blessed to participate in anything that involves Debra! Take care.


Kate said...

How cute we both wrote about Bryce!!! He is a treasure and I know he is that way because of his wonderful mom. I am blessed beyond measure to be a part of the Country Roads family.


trash talk said...

I was just going to say I had read Kate's post on your boy and how much I loved his stylings!
Amen to the blessing Debra is.

The Swedish Room said...

Hi, Your son has a real talent. I love the cabinet. I enjoyed looking at all his wonderful pieces. Have a great weekend.
The Swedish Room

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Sue...Bryce does an amazing job, he is so talented! Please thank him for inspiring me and helping me be creative in my own space!

Tricia said...

Wow! That stuff is great. I really love that cabinet and those mirrors.

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hey Sue, sorry I'm so late getting around. Bryce really amazes me with his work. He truly does inspire with all his unique and funky ways of display and design. Loved Kate's post about him too. Just think, he'll probably end up being a design celebrity! Thanks for linking up, Sue. Hilarious post on the full moon...people ARE crazy!