Purple Haze

Last week-end Bryce sold at the flea market in Alameda. I posted pictures last Sunday of his and Tim & Lisa's displays. Bryce also shopped at the Alameda flea market. While many of the other shoppers and vendors passed over this purple mess of a cabinet, my boy Bryce saw it's potential. It went from the above to this! It would be great for a kitchen. The two drawers on the right are actually pull out bins. One of these days my sad looking kitchen will look similar to this. I too love the industrial look. And notice I didn't say "French" industrial. Maybe there really is such a thing as "French" industrial and I just don't know about it.

The display above was made from things that were being torn out of the old Lincoln Heights Jail in Los Angeles. The door in the back of the above display is heavy metal and the shelf was actually a jail house bed. This jail was an historical monument, and like many things in CA, they are torn down in the name of progress, or should we say money? It is said that during the Gold Rush days it was used as a "drunk tank". In the 40's Al Capone was said to have spent the night after being arrested for tax evasion during the Zoot Suit riots. And later, many of the Hollywood stars got tossed in there. I'm STILL waiting for Bryce & Tim to send me the pictures they took inside of the jail before it is torn down. Below are a few more of Bryce's "industrial pieces"!

What I LOVE about Country Roads is the many "looks" that are scattered throughout the store. There is quite a bit to see when you step inside. If you are down are way, I hope you take some time to come shop with us. Have a wonderful Sunday! Take care.


afistfullofweeds* said...

I just love looking at all of your fabu photos of your store!! I would love to visit someday!!

Vintage Market Place said...

MY god is there anything he can't come up with. Just so amazing!
I am in love with that transformation of the desk and the super cool prison bed turned into desk/shelf area.
I have said it before and I will say it again, he needs to put out a book with all of his fantastic pieces.
Take care

The Boston Lady said...

I know you invluded the picture of the spotlights just for me...

Bryce did a terrific job on the purple cabinet - it doesn't even look like the same piece! I'm loving the jail items, although I know I would never fit on that bed. I hope you will post pics of the inside of the jail - so interesting - and the history is fascinating.

Lisa Loria said...

Love it! Bryce's work is awesome!
Tell him to go take a peek a my new work table I built...he will appreciate it!
Hugs and hope to see you soon!

Rachel Knoblich said...

I am so in love with your store...wish I could come see it in person! Awesome!