Full Moon Rising

Not sure of any of you noticed, but the moon is REALLY nice and full right now! And, I am a firm believer that when this happens, it really effects peoples behavior. Yesterday at "the store", I didn't really know it was time for a full moon. But looking back on the day, I can definitely see why some of our customers acted the way they did. There was on particular lady yesterday that I was just blown away by her behavior. She came in during a slower part of the afternoon. Business had already been strange as well. We would be slammed and then it would be dead. Back to the lady. Our counter has three sections, and the center section is the one we use the most. This lady comes in and dumps her purse, note pad, pen, (no, she took one of our pens) on the counter, and then puts her cell phone on speaker! Apparently she had found a new office to use at Country Roads. She was having a billing dispute and trouble with her cell phone. She continued shouting at someone, and since she had her phone on speaker, she was borderline yelling her conversation at the phone. Apparently she didn't think the other person could hear her. I wanted to let you know that I personally thought they could hear her, as the entire store could hear her! Sometimes when you work with the public, you just step back and watch them, like you would a movie. This lady's new office space at Country Roads was used for a good fifteen minutes. Amazing! I was curious about how the full moon effects people's behavior, so I went to visit my bestfriend, "google" and here's what I found!

-the homicide rate
-traffic accidents
-crisis calls to police or fire stations
-domestic violence
-births of babies
-major disasters
-casino payout rates
-aggression by professional hockey players
-violence in prisons
-psychiatric admissions [one study found admissions were lowest during a full moon]
-agitated behavior by nursing home residents
-gunshot wounds
-emergency room admissions [but see]
-behavioral outbursts of psychologically challenged rural adults
-sleep walking

So, I guess I now understand many of our customers behavior yesterday. Now, to face today and tomorrow with a bit of a mini heat wave added to the mixture at Country Roads! Please wish us luck, and as Creedance Clearwater use to sing, "don't go out tonight, well, it's bound to take your life, there's a bad moon on the rise!


Maureen said...

Ahhhh....some people!

Vintage Market Place said...

Oh you always have the best stories to tell. Sorry they have to come at your nerves taken to the edge.
I like the breakdown of crazy that is awesome.
Other hand I just have been loving that moon at night so super bright and last night was like you could see all the dimension to it.
Take care
I am right there in riding that wave of heat with ya!!!

Lanette of Cottage Elements said...

Love how you took it all in stride. Sounds like when you go to the mall or the fair..good people watching. Funny too, you have the same bff as me. That good ol' reliable Google. Never let's ya down. LOL.

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

Luv the shot of the moon! And great post today....Julian

Bohemian said...

I agree that a Full Moon does seem to affect the behavior and moods of many people and I've witnessed it firsthand also. It makes for a beautiful evening vision in the sky, but quite an interesting and eventful day at times here on the ground! *wink*

Dawn... The Bohemian

Blooming Rose Musings said...

So true, so true...the full moon affects people in the craziest ways. I've noticed it as well and I've also noticed people drive differently during a full moon. That woman's behavior was unbelievably rude. It does make you wonder!!! I hope the rest of the moon phase is much better. I love how you tell a story! See you soon.

The Boston Lady said...

Well, I didn't know what "lyncanthropy" was until your post today! I had to look it up. The ability to turn oneself into a wolf - to make it simple. Sounds like you witnessed something like that right at CRA. People are really something else. Ann