You Know Your Day Sucks When

Before I begin, I want everyone to laugh at this post, enjoy the humor, because my furry friend Leonard would have wanted that way! To complete my blog title, it goes like this, "you know your day sucks when you try to wake up a dead cat"! Come on, it IS funny! You know, a couple of months ago I took Leonard to the vet, and he came back home. I didn't actually agree with the decision, but none the less, he was back and I thought there must be a reason. Leonard was older than dirt, seriously. He was way over 20 years old. Yesterday morning, I had made the decision, that such an awesome cat as Leonard, didn't need to lose his manhood, the bad ass cat he was, and I was going to take him to the vets to have him put to sleep. So, when I went out to the sunroom to get him, I truly did try to wake up a dead cat! There is some peace to be found that Leonard died in his sleep at home. I thought I could pick him up, put him in the carrier and take him to the vets, but I couldn't. I think that is where it must suck to be a male. My boy Bryce wrapped him in one of my beach towels and placed him in the cat carrier. Yep, me and my dead cat, cruising to the vets with the sunroof open thinking about what a great cat he was. Leonard found me, I didn't find him. My oh so wonderful ex-husband had just made his exit as I told him to make sure the door didn't hit him in the ass on his way out! Brande, and her friend Jamie, were out in front of the house one day shortly after that. And out of nowhere, this old tiger tomcat shows up. Leonard was OLD when he showed up 12 years ago. At first I wasn't interested in another cat, but Leonard was determined. With chunks of his ears gone from obviously fighting with other cats, he earned his keep. I came home to find dead rats, mice, lizards, bugs and a variety of other dead things on my doormat. I think Brande and Jamie named him Leonard, it just fit. When I sold the house that once was our family home in the way too fancy neighborhood for me, I remember throwing Leonard in the car for the ride to his new digs! He quickly became everyone's favorite in the new neighborhood. Dogs on walks, always went out of their way to stay away from Leonard because they sensed he would kick their ass. As he got even older, yes if that was possible, he became a house cat, and actually loved it. He was always a weird cat, I mean, come on, how many cats love Corona! I've had cats my entire life, all rescues. And they were all very special to me, yet a couple really stood out. Oprah was a tough one to lose. It's okay to laugh, yes she was black and she was named that in a non-discriminatory way. But when it was her time, I did what was right. I took her to the vet because it was her time to go and I didn't want her to suffer. And how can Leonard not be remembered. The Facebook Fan page cat, the cat that loved Corona's, and the cat that loved and adored Riley. They were buddies forever, and I DO mean forever. He would tolerate her dressing him up in doll clothes without ever scratching her or biting. And occasionally when she got a bit too rough with him, he would nip her. And Riley would be devastated, sobbing, because her bestfriend had nipped her. Brande is in Canada right now on the Lilith tour. I texted her yesterday morning, telling her what happened, and I was worried about Riley. She said that we shouldn't tell Riley until she is fifteen years old!! We all agree on that one. The story isn't quite over yet. When I went into the vets office early yesterday morning with Leonard and told the short fat ass little b*tch receptionist what happened she looked at me and said this: "there is a $20 disposal fee". I bit my tongue because when I get really angry, I don't hold back. But please know, I'm NOT done with her, seriously! I've ONLY just begun!! So do me one favor. Give your furry friends a big hug in Leonard's memory. He loved Corona, so next time you have your drink of choice, give the old guy a toast, he truly deserves it! I will truly miss you my friend!!


sassytrash said...

I am sorry you lost Leonard, and it's good he was at home when he went---I still shudder when I think of taking my cat and dog to the vet to die!! It rips your heart out!
I have to tell you I love the way you tell it like it is! I laugh so hard at your blog posts-you are really a wonderful writer! Wish I had the guts to tell rude people off! (Can't wait 'til your next vet visit--go ahead and let her have it!)

Karen said...

Well, Leonard is in kitty heaven right now romping with my old looked-like-Leonard cat, Frito. He was a rescue cat as well and lived to be about 18 years of age. No one had wanted him... not even his mother which is why he was given to us. He was a quirky kitty and I think that was because he had been rejected. Also, he could have passed as a double for Leonard. So, not to worry. Frito and Leonard are stalking the streets of Heaven right now... making new friends.
I'm pulling out a Corona for Tigger, our other kitty who is a "Leonard look alike" and we are going to toast Leonard.
Ladybug Creek
PS - My husband is going to think I'm nuts! I'm make sure he reads your post.

The Boston Lady said...

RIP Leonard. His uniqueness will live on through your post. Loved it. There is humor in just about every situation - I like the way you seem to always find it.

I laughed out loud at the fact that you had a cat named Oprah - wish I'd thought of that name for my sweet Black Susie.

Sorry you lost a good friend, but I'm glad he went peacefully in his sleep.

Full Bloom Cottage said...

Hi Sue
I hope your feeling better! When I was at your house, last Saturday, was Leonard the one hiding in the other room? Or did you have a puppy? For some reason I thought you had a puppy?? Well I'm sorry you lost Leonard, seems like a tough cat, who knew what he liked!
Love love your home! You should definately get some of those books for somewhere in your home! They are awesome!
Take care and see you this week! Have a great saturday sale!

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hats off to our favorite guy, Leonard! He's been a real joy to read about, and those of us that have animals share our lives, know the joy and the sorrow that comes with them. Just like people, but not around as long!

Betty's corner of the world said...

You have a way of making me smile ... even when you write a sad story ...I like the way you think...and I love the way you write.
I'm sure you'll miss your little friend.
RIP Leonard.
Hugz ..Betty

All That Glitters said...

Leonard sounds like the coolest cat on Earth! So sorry for your loss, but I was truly laughing my butt off!

Mandi said...

RIP Leonard! You have a great run with a fun family. We've loved the pics of you partying, er, enjoying Sue's Coronas, and the adorable pics of you and Riley.

So sorry for your loss Sue, but you gave him a wonderful life and have great memories!

trash talk said...

You know Sue, that's the kind of cool cat that only comes around once in a lifetime. How blessed you were he strolled into yours.
I always got such a kick out of the photos of him with Riley...and your beer!
I've got a cold one in the fridge and tonight I'll raise it to Leonard. He could have taught Cat Daddy a few tricks.
P.S. You should have named him Frank 'cause it sure sounds like he did everything "His Way"!

Boogieboard Cottage said...

Leonard was such a sweet cat! I've never heard of a beer drinking cat, that is wierd! I think that rescue pets are the best. Our oldest cat, Coocoo, was kind of mean when we first brought her home from the Humane Society, 15 years ago, we almost returned her! She only allowed us to pet her while she was eating. And like leonard, all the neighborhood animals feared her. When we added the three orphaned kittens, we had to keep them in a separate part of the house till they were bigger. Fast foward ahead to now, she curls up and naps with other cats and constantly wants to sit on our laps. She still has a bit of an attitude problem sometimes, but she's come a long way. She's also a cancer survivor, she had Liphoma about two years ago and had to have chemo. I love cats and dogs and I wish more people would take in homeless animals the way you do, it takes a special heart to love animals that way. BTW, I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better too! Take care, Mary

Vintage Market Place said...

Aww, okay that is too funny.
Poor Leonard, but at least he was a bad ass to the end, going on his own terms.
It is always sad to have a loved one pass but at least you had more than enough time to know it was coming.
And if it is like most cats, one passes and another instantly shows up on your door step.
I am sure you will have a toast to him tonight with you Corona and pour some out for him.
Take care

Robin Sanchez said...

Aww poor Leonard. Im so sorry he is gone. I have had to do this a couple of times and and it still brings tears to my eyes when I think of them.

I kinda had the same experience a few years ago at the vet when I had to pay an $800 vet bill for testing on a cat that I had to have put to sleep that day. On top of that they charged me a $40 disposal fee!!

I say go get a new furry friend!! It wont make you forget Leonard but it sure helps ease the pain when they are curled up on your lap purring.


ginny said...

oh, sue, i'm sorry to hear about leonard. it is so sad to loose a pet, especially one so special as leonard.

you should have slapped the receptionist! i was outraged when i put a cat to sleep last year and saw that same harsh term on the bill. "disposal" like she was a piece of garbage. pets are family members not trash.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Sue, you always make me laugh, your stories are all just too funny not to. Not laughing because he died but him drinking that corona was too funny. It seems his personality fit yours to a T. I can tell he was special. Here's to Leonard...

Yappin Sisters said...

I was so sad to read about Leonard. Life is so much easier to take when you have a GREAT cat. Leonard had the best home with you and he knew he was loved, there's nothing more he could have asked for. (As HARD as it is to lose a treasured pet, it's probably easier for us to lose them, than for them to lose us.) I love your sense of humor & writing style. God Bless!