What Makes You Happy?

Do you ever ask yourself what makes you happy about your home? What do you surround yourself with? Do you decorate to create the latest look, or do you fill your home with the things you love no matter how eclectic it may seem? I guess that would be me! My home is filled with all the things that make me who I am today. Things that hold simple yet meaningful memories to me. I always have to have fresh flowers, they remind me of the simply carefree beauty our gardens hold.An old primitive dry sink I bought years ago because of what it once met to a family.
Family memories of my folks and growing up tucked behind glass.
Little cowboy boots my Mom gave my son to remind her of her own Texas memories.
Old architectural pieces that carry stories of their past with them.
Family pictures next to your bed that you wake up and see first thing every morning.
A small cupboard filled with my folks memories and Riley's handprints.
My office bulletin board filled with my favorite photos, favorite quotes and more.
A picture of my Gramma that I never met because she died at an early age.
A sleeping baby! It's the "simple" things in life that really do make me happy. A smile from a stranger, a polite man that holds the door open for you randomly. I believe if more of us lived our lives focusing on the small, little things that make us happy rather than all the doom and gloom that is thrown our way by the media, this world would be a better place. There's nothing wrong in being happy!


Tanza said...

Hi Sue,
What a lovely, heartfelt .. soo TrUe post !! You do know the most important and BesT things in life, and you are fortunate enough to be surrounded by everything you adore !! I LoVe all your primitive pieces .. and the sleeping baby ADORABLE !! Have a happy day sweet friend ~
HuGs ~Tanza~

Maureen said...

This may sound strange but I could actually 'feel the love' in this post. Loved it and your beautiful things.

www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

Amen! I love the simple things in life too. That is what makes life so wonderful to me. Smiles. flowers, a sunny day, a childs laugh-my favorite, my family for sure, my pets....I decorate eclectically because that is who I am. I am unique and do not want to fit into a 'group' when decorating. I love to surround myself with life, love and fun. We only get one short life and I want to use it all up everyday:)

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Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Sue...you sure know how to tug at the heartstrings! Thank you for such a lovely, thoughtful post!

Vintage Market Place said...

I wish I had more time to comment but I just gotta say Ditto lady!!!
Fill the home with love and things that remind me of a more simple and loving time...
Take care

Irma@CosasBellas said...

I will forever keep things in my home that take my mind to a happy place, weather it be a memory of a person, a place, or a special time from yesteryear. Nobody else needs to appreciate them but me, although secretly I do hope my daughters love them as much as I do so they can be passed down to them and they can share the story of their meaning with their children.

Thank you for sharing your private collection with us.