Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Riley and I have been having slumber parties the past two nights. While Riley was partying like a rock star last night due to the LONG nap she took at the hospital right before I picked her up, I couldn't keep my eyes open! I'm in a very grateful mood this morning. My heart is filled with love and I know how very, very blessed my life is. It also has been a very long time since I've been this exhausted!! As everyone knows, I have a new grandson named "Bodhi". Katie had told me the meaning of the name, but in my whirlwind life I live, I had to google it to remember what she said. Actually, yesterday I had to ask her again, what time he was born! I was there, but I'm running on adrenalin right now!! Bodhi is pronounced "Bodie", and since "ya'll" know my mom's Texas roots, I have a feeling that the nickname "Bo" will stick pretty easily! That's my mom as a baby on the porch of her home in Texas. I've also been thinking a lot about my mom and dad right now, how excited they would be. A new life does that to you! I "know they know" about Bo, that is just how life works. As I held Bo last night, I couldn't help just starring and thinking as I looked at this little grandson of mine. I mentioned how I have "thinking" issues anyway. I can never stop THINKING! But when you hold a brand new life in your arms, your blood, your family, it does take your breath away. The timing of his birth, being early and all, really worked out well. Brande, who has been traveling with the "Lilith Tour" and gone the past few weeks, was in Irvine last night. So, today she is home, meets Bo, we get to have dinner together and life is pretty darn good right now and again I know how blessed I am, believe me! Marcela commented on my blog post yesterday with this:So glad the store was busy today, Sue. In Argentina they say that babies come to us with prosperity under their arms...they might be right!! She really got that one right. Yesterday was so unbelievable busy. It wasn't a sale, there was nothing special going on, we were just insanely busy!! You have no idea. I've thought about THAT a lot, and when I read Marcela's quote, she pretty much opened my eyes and heart. I'm like everyone, this past year or so isn't easy so you do what you have to do. You stay positive and work as hard as you can, and you know, it all comes together somehow. My girls, Carol and Yesi, came down to the hospital last night after working the grueling day we had. We did NOT sit down ALL day long! These girls, are MY girls. I love them like my own kids. I watched them both hold Bodhi for a long time. Yesi wouldn't let him go and finally Carol wanted a turn! Family, couldn't ask for more. So, with all that said, I have a shitload of work ahead of me this morning. Yesterday was the 10th which is dealer statement day. Magically, only one dealer came in for her packet which was awesome because I hadn't finished putting them together!! See, things just went so well yesterday. If I wasn't so tired, I would be doing the happy dance. I know written words can't really convey that much feeling. But when I write, "thank you, thank you, thank you" please know that goes out to all of you straight from my heart! And even my "BSC" customers aren't gonna get to me today! (I hope)


Vintage Market Place said...

I think this is what beaming with pride sounds like.
You probably have a glow around you, being so happy!
Rudy just thought Katie was a big Patrick Swayze Fan, since his name was Bohdi in Point Break. My husband, always referring to his movie knowledge.
Too Happy for you

Decorating With Art said...

You sound like a proud grandma who recognizes the important things in life. You are truly blessed....congratulations to you and your family.

Debra@CommonGround said...

Congratulations and hugs all around Sue, for that new little guy you have! Love and life continue on!

The Boston Lady said...

How wonderful that a new little life can have such a positive impact upon those around him. If little Bodhi has this wonderful effect at just a few days old, imagine how his presence on earth throughout the years will bring such joy and happiness to so many people. Congratulations again and I know your parents are watching a smiling too.

Discarded Forlorn said...

Sue, many congrats on your new grandbaby "Bo"! Maybe someday I'll make it down to your store, it's just super awesome and I'm sure I could do some damage spending money there.