Technology & Junkin' Is Amazing!

I am continuously amazed with technology. It changes daily, and it keeps me fascinated. I'm also saddened with those that don't want to keep up with it. Why? Because there is now a wealth of information at our fingertips. Now days most of us own cell phones that can receive and send emails, texts, pictures and are basically like a hand held computer. Pictured above is Mr. & Mrs. Money Ring!! Bryce received an email from Money Ring's guy that helps them when they are out here from Japan to shop. In the email from Money Ring's guy, he forwarded Bryce pictures of the Money Ring's shopping in Brimfield. They randomly showed up on someones blog from back East. And so I don't get in trouble, these are their pictures that I lovingly borrowed! These people were also shopping at Brimfield and had snapped a few pictures of the Money Ring's! He wrote the reason was because they "were this cool Japanese couple"! Which is absolutely correct! He wanted to catch up with them but they had disappeared some where in the fields at Brimfield. What I absolutely LOVE about this business of antiques/junk is that it brings so many of us together. Friendships are formed all over the world because of technology. Even though I've yet to get to the shows in Texas, I feel already that I know so many of you there and consider you my friends and know I would always have a place to stay if needed!! I think the combination of technology and all of our passions for "junk" is such an awesome combination. It was so great for me to see Mr. & Mrs. Money Ring shopping at Brimfield only days after they had left Country Roads! Thank you technology for letting us all share so much!!


Vintage Market Place said...

That is too funny.
It is such a small world especially in blogland. You never know who is watching. But I agree it does make you feel like you can go anywhere and look up friends you have made connections with in just about any state.
I do miss some simple things in life that technology has done away with but that has to happen as we evolve, right.

Malisa said...

That is super cool! You know you have your own dedicated bedroom upstairs in my house and I expect you to be there a lot in the future!