Some New Displays

What I believe keeps our customers coming back again & again to Country Roads are the awesome displays we ALWAYS have at the store! The dealers that do well KNOW the importance of good displays. We've not only had some moving going on at Country Roads, but our dealers have been working SO hard on their displays and product. Tim just brought in this amazing table he made from old wood. The picture doesn't do it justice, but trust me, it is so cool! Below are some more of Tim's creations along with some of our other Country Roads family. They've been busy!
Loretta and her husband, Jesse, completely re-did their entire area in the Full Bloom Cottage room! They moved everything around. As always, their displays never disappoint, but to see the entire room flipped and re-done is amazing, and looks great!

Here we have some photos of Pat Fillipi's move. I ALWAYS like when dealers move around in the store. Even though much of their merchandise may be the same, a different area gives them a whole different look, you know?

Pat Estrada moved a bit down the aisle to a different area of the last building. She too is still working on her new area, but here are a few preview shots of what she has done so far!!
The pictures below are "only" the beginning for one of our new dealers, Mike. No, I don't remember his last name although I do know he has some great stuff. He's got a big space and I'm very anxious to see what he does with it!!

With all the pictures above, you would think that is it, we are done shuffling and moving and re-displaying. The coolest part of Country Roads is that we are NEVER done, we NEVER quit, we NEVER give up, and we ALWAYS keep the store looking fresh for YOU!!!


Vintage Market Place said...

it all looks amazing, wish I could come by and see it in person. I am loving the guy feel to all of the merchandise. I guess it is the industrial look I am in love with.
Works great when I am surrounded by men to live with! LOL!
Take Care Sue

Malisa said...

Cool casket cart table! I think Mike's No Last Name is going to have a cool space! Don't think I didn't see Bryce's cool light...I never miss spotting those!

debi lynn mattingly said...

Hi sweetie!

My friend "Malisa" sent me! LOVE your store and all the yummy treasures...xo...deb

Full Bloom Cottage said...

thanks for the photos, i cant wait to meet to see the new dealers space! there sure is a little something for everyone here at country roads!("

Olive said...

beautiful all...looks like you love what you do...happy ww...olive♥

Unknown said...

What a great store. I love your displays too.

Diane Drake said...

It's time for me to come in and get my "fill" of Country Roads again, and I can't wait to see all the new displays in person! Diane

Lisa Loria said...

Love it Sue...Love my Lockers too!
Tell Bryce, Thank you!
Go see what I did with them on my blog.
I am so organized now, I don't know where to start...LOL.
Much Love,