My Summer Vacation

For those of you that live locally, I'm sure you remember Heard's Gardens. I think Tim even built some outdoor structures there a very long time ago. Mary Lou Heard was this tiny woman with a passion for gardening! She died way before her time several years ago. And what better way to honor someone, especially a gardener, than to name a rose after her! I remember hearing about the rose, and then finding it years ago at a local nursery, H & H, not far from my house. I haven't had much time to work in my garden this summer. I did, however, a few weeks ago quickly trim back some of my roses. And this morning when I went out to pick up my morning newspapers that I won't have time to read, my Mary Lou roses were in full bloom. I always try to take time in my life to notice the little things, the small things that mean the most. And my roses this morning were just what I needed to start my day. Remember when you were a kid and school was out, and you had a job for the summer? That is what I'm kind of doing right now. With Katie out on maternity leave, this summer I have a full time job at Country Roads, plus my Country Roads job at home that I normally do! It's been interesting for me. Our customers hold no surprises, as I'm use to ALL of their antics. In fact, they are the ones that continue to entertain me. But what is really tripping me out right now is the behavior of some of my dealers. Please know I DO appreciate them all, but wow, some of them are pretty caught up in the "all about me" thing. We were SLAMMED yesterday! Don't ask, I don't know why except to say that someone bigger than life is taking care of me and continuing to help me get through my days. There were a big bunch of dealers in yesterday working on their spaces and some worked quietly and I never even had a chance to chat or say good-bye after they left. Then others, well these were the ones that blew me away. Most of the time when you get in your car, and put your stuff in your car that you are bringing to the store, don't you remember that you are "going" to the store? On top of being so busy yesterday with customers, we spent the day providing supplies & tools, my son (who has the patience of a saint), looking for tickets that were already in the dealers books, stepping over dealer merchandise that filled the aisles and spilled over into other dealer spaces, and just general chaos. I really had to step back and take a mental picture. I think I have at least 80 dealers, and this morning I am SO grateful that the majority of them are the most considerate, sweetest, and helpful people you would ever want to know. Seriously, they are the best. But I do have to say, I have a small portion that make Country Roads all about themselves. That is just the way of life, how our world is these days. I guess yesterday was just an illustration of "human nature" to me, that is still fresh in my mind this morning. Yesterday, my little Bo and Riley visited the pediatrician. I use to go with them on these appointments, but my "summer job" has kept me away from many things that I'm starting to miss! Bo is now almost nine pounds at two weeks old today. He looks like a doll in that picture. And their pediatrician, who I have met before, still doesn't look old enough to be a doctor!! She is good at what she does. So, as I head out the door this morning back to work, I'm very grateful for my life. I am so appreciative of the business that has been brought our way at Country Roads, and my dealers that work so hard to make this happen. And I'm happy I still remember to take time to smell my roses! I have a date tonight after work with Riley and Bo! I've missed them!!


Kate said...

The roses are incredible Sue!!! Especially something so precious as those. I must have missed some of the excitement with all of the dealers in house. Bryce does have the patience of a saint! Really you and the staff are remarkable. Have a wonderful night with your grandbabies.


The Boston Lady said...

What a beautiful rose - almost as gorgeous as those two grandchildren of yours!

trash talk said...

I agree with the Boston Lady...the roses are gorgeous...but those kiddoes are beyond beautiful!
There was a lady in my home town by the name of Bessie Heard who loved nature and gardening. She founded a wildlife center that is huge now in McKinney. I thought that was kind of an interesting coinkidink.

ginny said...

oops. sorry.