White Wednesday

Once again, it's time for "White Wednesday". I posted a few photos this past Sunday of "John of Cottage White" goodies he brought back from his recent trip to Texas. Here are a few more below, hope you enjoy them.

Believe me there is some good looking "eye candy" in this part of the store right now. And for those of you that live in the area, John is taking some more space in the garden where I'm sure we'll find some more "White Wednesday" treasures. Speaking of that, please go visit my favorite "WW" buddy, Kathleen who created "White Wednedays"! There are so many wonderful blogs and pictures to see. Hope you all enjoy this "White Wednesday" and see you next week, take care.


Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Love all the architectual elements...especially the chippy white gate. Thanks for sharing.

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I was planning on stopping by today but the rain had other plans for me...did I ever tell you how much I dislike the rain????...After a $1500.00 check to the roofer yesterday, I hate it even more!!!
WOW, I woke up in a bitchy mood!!!
Happy WW!!!

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

That is a cool cast iron gate! What a great find. And the urn is grand. Have a great W.W. Julian

Vintage Market Place said...

love it all, my wishlist is growing with each post you make.
I keep heading out to shop and then think, no save it for country roads.

Full Bloom Cottage said...

I was looking at the white architectural piece yesterday! I love it! The urns are beautiful too. They shouldn't last to long in the shop!!

Faded Charm said...

What great stuff! I especially love the first photo and I'm sure all the garden goodies outside will look amazing.

Hopefully you have an awesome week. sounds like you need it after Sunday.

Take care,


the old white house said...

Those pots and that chandi are whispering 'come and get me' oh how I wished I lived closer... Happy WW, Theresa