Denmark Does Country Roads!

This is the famous statue in Copenhagen, Denmark called the "the Little Mermaid". Why is it in this blog post? I guess to make me look like I might actually know something about Denmark? Anyway, the other day there were these two guys peeking in our front windows before we opened. And as soon as the door opened, in they came, and the stuff started coming up to the counter with rapid speed in handfuls. They seemed to know what they were after, and didn't really require or need any help. They are like the cool customers that are here to shop, have an idea what they are after and know we are here to help them if they would like. Finally they started talking to us when they were almost finished. They were decorating a restaurant in Denmark and were taking all this stuff back to use. Apparently they had been our here last year sometime. Within a half hours time, they had gathered all their treasures, and dropped a quick $2500 on top of that. It was a wonderful way to start our day. They said they were going to look around Old Towne for a bit and would be back with a truck. And sure enough, they came back and insisted upon loading most of it themselves. Yes, there were the "perfect" customers that started our day quite nicely! I wonder if it is possible to clone them??


Debbie's Garden said...

Wow, that IS a good way to start the day. Did you give them your email address and ask for pictures of the restaurant when they're done?

Maureen said...

How cool is that!

Deb said...

wow that is great for you..

Malisa said...

That makes up for a Sunday full of bat shit crazy customers, doesn't it? And they loaded it themselves! Excellent! Hope you got the name of the restaurant so we can go there during on our world tour! ;)


trash talk said...

Why oh why couldn't they have came to Warrenton?
Perfect start to a day.