Cleaning Sucks!

Years ago, when myself & Mr. Not So Wonderful moved into the really big house in the fancy neighborhood, he insisted that we hire someone to come in and clean once a week. I didn't grow up having all those extras, especially someone that would clean our house. So, I have to admit I was uncomfortable at first. One of my friends had this awesome woman, Susan, clean her house. So, she began to clean ours. After I got over being uncomfortable, it was great. The house would "smell" so good when I got home after work when Susan had been there. When I divorced and moved to my house in a regular neighborhood, Susan still came to clean. In fact she came over the morning after the big move when the house was a disaster, and helped me clean and get some of my stuff put away. We were really good friends, and I would always help her while she was here, if I could. Guess that is the part in me that thinks that is what we are supposed to do in life, help when you can. Susan is a wonderful person and we became very good friends. After all, she watched my kids grow-up and have babies of their own. Over a year ago, when our great economy began to kick us in the ass, I had to make cuts like everyone else. So, I sadly don't have Susan clean my house anymore, although we still keep in touch. I am now the new "Susan", and I hate it! Plus I have little kids running around, live with two teenagers, (oops, I meant Bryce and Justine) and my house is always full of people. Yesterday I had to take one of my few days off and do "cleaning". I'm going to confess something, I HATE it!! But, it was nice for the house to smell better and shine a bit. But it will never be as sparkling as the real Susan days! While cleaning, Justine had asked me if I could watch Morgan for a few hours last night while she went to a BBQ. At first I told her I would let her know because I was knee deep in you know what! Then I realized, my office and bedroom could wait for another day to be cleaned. But Morgan will never be the same another day, she will only grow older! So, me and little "Mo" hung out. Brande came over and we ordered Chinese food and watched some lame TV! Everything goes into Morgan's mouth these days. All of her teeth are coming in at once. These are the happier pictures of her as later she had a 45 minute meltdown! She's not feeling too good, think she has what Riley has been sick with. My little ones are growing so fast, and the one thing I never, ever take for granite is that I AM very happy to be a part of their daily little lives!!


sweetjeanette said...

I agree, cleaning does suck, but clean is better. (?) I have a magnet on the frige that says "Cleaning, the one thing nobody notices unless you don't do it" ! LOL

jeanette from www.sweetjeanette.com

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

You made me think of my Mom...many, many moons ago, we had a Lady coming to help out with the house and my Mom was so uncomfortable with the idea that she used to clean the day before the lady came so Juana didn't have to work so hard!

Oh yes, cleaning sucks but someone's got to do it!

My Vintage Treasures said...

Cleaning is the worst, and spending time with that beautiful baby, i'm sure is the best. They grow up so fast.