A Preview!

Tomorrow begins a three day week-end. Yes, it is President's week-end and Country Roads really BIG three day sale! When we do a sale at CR, there is a lot of work that goes into it. We try our best to make sure that everything is "just right" for all of our favorite customers and new customers as well. So, this afternoon rather than ramble on and on like I tend to do from time to time, I thought I'd just give you a bunch of pictures to look at.  I know, some you have seen before, but hopefully there might be a few you haven't seen. Take a look. . .


Okay, "something" had to call your name in all of these pictures, right? My thoughts while choosing random photos was to show you that we have a little bit of everything here at Country Roads! And in our 10,000 sq feet inside and a garden area that is about 5,000 sq feet there IS something for everyone. I promise! We are open all three days this week-end from 10am to 5pm. I've seen the sales and most are pretty good with at least three dealers offering 50% off!  So, I hope to see you guys this week-end, and as we all know:
"Country Roads, always your favorite, never the same"!

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Pent-Up Photos said...

My eyes are exhausted from wanting to look at every detail in your photos! That was a great sneak preview...wish I could be there for the real thing! Congrats...you and your dealers have put together yet another great sale!