One Of My Favorites

You might want to put your glasses on for this post! I have so many favorite areas of Country Roads that I love to take pictures of. One of my all time favorites is Sue Lennon's great vignettes! I think of all the displays and vignettes she has put together, this one is my favorite!!

Is it just me, or does Sue's displays just call your name? Sometimes it is so disheartening after a busy week-end. We have all these great displays and I don't understand why, but some of our customers just totally make a mess out of them. We are constantly "re-fluffing" so that are displays at Country Roads will look fresh just for you! I hope you find some time to stop by and see us this week-end. We have an entire store full of very appealing eye candy! See you soon.


Kate said...

I saw Sue's magic today I just stood there in awe of it all. So many things called my name as well. Her displays are one of my favorite's too! Have a great weekend.


Recycled Rita said...

She has wonderful style! After just visiting the store once, I knew exactly which booth you were talking about when you would show vignettes in Sue's booth.
Did she sell the couch? That chaise is to die for! karen.....