It So Feels Like Spring!

The calendar still says its Winter, but my garden is telling be it is beginning to feel a whole lot like Spring! This week our temps have been in the upper 70's and I have to tell you, my heart is encouraging me to head on down to the beach for awhile. It "is" that beautiful out today! These are just some random pictures I took this morning. I went out to get the newspaper and noticed how many new plants are popping up everywhere!

For some reason I have hollyhocks popping up everywhere this year! The two pictures above this one (which also has hollyhocks coming up)  are where most of the hollyhocks are surprising me. This is a little piece of my parkway on the other side of the driveway. Bryce, in his younger years, use to make cement garden hearts. And where did he rinse his buckets out and dispose of the old cement? Right here in this small section of hard dirt and cement! I can't wait for all of the flowers to bloom this year. I'm curious to see what colors they will be. 


Unknown said...

Hi Sue, found you through Amy's(vintage marketplace) blog. So happy I did!
Love your signs of spring and can't wait to see how the hollyhocks come up!

marcela cavaglieri said...

Life is better during Spring/Summer isn't it???? We are having great weather too and it's just priceless. I hope it last for everyone!

Patty said...

I thought maybe you were here in Texas with me, given the temperatures, but we don't have hollyhocks here, so maybe you're in the east ? I have irises, roses, and snowdrops blooming. So much coming up and getting ready for spring. Love all your garden goodies ! Suits my outdoor decorating style perfectly. Love the blog, I'm a follower. Keep it Random !!

chateau de fleurs said...

I love your beach cottage, you have made it so charming with all your vintage collections! Miss you too, XO Christie