My Garden

 With all the craziness in our world today, I find a lot of peace working in my garden. It is not a huge garden, but it is enough for me to go to a different place in my head! The worries of the world & life kind of disappear when I outside in the garden. I planted some seeds this year for pumpkins and sugar watermelons. I've never tried to grow watermelons before. I get SO excited each time I go out and see how many watermelons there are! I guess that is what is so wonderful about nature. It gives so much, and asks so little. Maybe just a bit of water to quench her thirst is all she occasionally asks for. I wish more  of life was like that. Here are some random pictures of the things I especially am fond of in my garden!

I have to admit, I don't do anything special with my plants. I'm not into the bug spray or fertilizer. I just give 'em water daily and they seem to just do dandy on their own. Simple things in life are important to me these days. With so much other stuff that is taxing to the brain, and so many things that cause us stress in our everyday life, it is just NICE to be a bit closer to nature, as I watch my veggies and flowers grow!!


Maureen said...

I agree with you totally! My garden just takes me away to a place with few thoughts and no worries. Your watermelons are impressive - good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Oh Sue you are so lucky to have a place for a garden. There is nothing better than fresh fruit and veggies from your own garden that you grew all by yourself! It reminds me of when I was a little girl in Tennessee, my grandmother always had the most amazing vegetable garden. I can still taste her home grown tomatoes! Ahh, memories.
Have a wonderful night.

Sue said...

Actually Melinda, I really don't have a place for a veggie garden. It's in my front yard mixed with flowers and my outdoor antique junk ;0)