Why I Love Country Roads!

It's starting to fell a whole lot like Summer at my favorite place. I thought I would share just a few things that caught my eye at Country Roads!

Country Roads. . . "always your favorite, never the same"!


Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh this looks like such an awesome place. I could probably spend half a day looking around in this store!!

Malisa said...

I need that Man Working Above sign over my bed! Did I say that? I think not! Who said that?

Vintage Market Place said...

So many good things about that place, I already miss it :)
If I only had a home in Cali, it would surely be decorated all from your shop.
PS I see how you just cut the heads off the dolls in that pic of one of my favorite booths, lol.
Sad, I didn't see any dolls or parts that needed to come home with me this time around, Next time I am sure ;)

Pamela said...

Oh, the beauty of this blog! Just love everything on here. I grabbed your button for my blog and will visit you often. :)

Teresa said...

Beautiful as always... and there's always a gorgeous dress form. One day, one day... I will have one of those beauties!
Have a beautiful day, Sue!

Anonymous said...

I know why I LOVE Country Roads.......Because it ROCKS!, it is ONE-OF-A-KIND and it has an AWESOME staff!!!!