Before The Battery Died!

One of my favorite little areas to visit at Country Roads is Sue Lennon's space. She has a unique look and wonderful, wonderful "eye candy" as well. She just did a makeover and I was so anxious to take pictures. Between being so busy (no complaints about that), and my  camera on the ready to commit suicide, I somehow was able to take a few quick pictures. My camera, what can I say? I loved it when it worked like it should. Now, since it doesn't work correctly, it makes things twice as difficult. I was looking online yesterday at cameras. Just browsing, and then I saw my camera. It was listed at a great price, almost half off the price I paid for the one I have. So, I did what I had to do, I ordered it! Hopefully it will arrive soon and make my life just a bit easier. Below are just a few pictures I was able to capture before my battery died!

I love, love, love this chair! It is so unique. It's made from an old dolly. Sue has a style that is all her own, one of a kind! Check back tomorrow for some more pictures, especially to see all her awesome vignettes. That is assuming my battery & camera will let me take some pictures today. And to all my customers that shopped with us yesterday, "thank you". I slept really good last night. Please know that all of us here at Country Roads are grateful and appreciative of your business! Take care.


Vintage Market Place said...

yes, love that chair for sure and all the others in her space as well.
It seems I always find a little something in her booth with each visit.
Good luck with the camera, I think I need to shop for a new one...one with an adapter to plug in. I feel I am destroying the environment all on my own with the batteries I go thru.
Its horrible. And it always seems to die just as I need it the most. Ugh.
Have a great Sunday

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, I am loving that grainsack metal chair with the casters. That would be a great desk chair! I always love looking at her space when I'm in, her displays are fabulous!
It was so wonderful to talk with you the other day!
Hope your having a great weekend.

Annie Louise said...

Wow, I am so glad you were able to take these wonderful pictures before your camera died. I see a visit to Country Roads in the near future. Wishing you and your Country Roads crew a wonderful Sunday.

Bohemian said...

What a great space! My G-Kids bought me a new camera but I'm SO attached to the old one, which I know how to use *winks* that even though the new one is better quality and will take fab pixs, I'll likely wait 'til the old one dies before I try to learn something new. Can't wait to see your "new camera" shots!

Dawn... The Bohemian

The Boston Lady said...

I'm loving what I see especially those chairs covered with burlap (?) Burlap and shabby/chic is what our upcoming wedding is all about. I've been busy collecting things here, but wish I could be browsing your store! Hopefully in January after our college girl graduates! Thanks for stopping by and giving Miss Darcy a pat! She helps to fill the space left by Susie. Ann