Another Milestone

We were "extremely" busy at Country Roads yesterday. But it doesn't matter how busy we are when in comes time to celebrate one of our little CR kids birthdays. We met at Hart Park in Old Towne Orange. For those of you not familiar with the area, it is an historic area established in CA in the late 1800's. Just look at the beautiful tree above as Riley and Morgan explore. This time, the birthday party was for Josalyn. She is now six years old and I'm still in awe of the passage of time when it comes to our little ones. I've known Josalyn since she was born. Just look at her little face below. And once she learned to talk, she has never stopped since ;0) She's a bright little girl with a very bright future ahead. Here are a few pic's of Josalyn's magical day!

And "props" to Yesi for including whistles in all the party bags! There were a lot of kids, all blowing whistles and I have to admit, even after being so busy at "the store", it was pretty funny. Happy Birthday Josalyn! We love you!!

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Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

So cute! Happy Birthday. The girls are growing to fast. Alan is celebrating is 18th b-day today with his friends......too fast! Ciao Rita