My Old Red Quilts

I was sitting yesterday rocking my little grandson, Bohdi, to sleep in an old glider that I have in my bedroom. I haven't paid too much attention to this old screened cupboard of mine. Once Bo was asleep, I started looking at it, and opened the doors and once again fell in love with all of its wear, its patina, the old newsprint on the inside doors, and how warm it feels. I can't even remember the last time I bought an old quilt. It's been years and my interests have changed. The quilts really don't even fit into the colors and style of my bedroom, and I pondered the idea of selling them. Then I remembered one very special one as I looked closer.

Above are pictures of different parts of my favorite quilt. I found it in this kind of junky antique store in the middle of nowhere. It was under a $100 in price. It wasn't so much the price that attracted it to me but the handwritten note pinned on it that was dated 1899. If I was smart I would have "left" the note pinned onto the quilt so I could find it rather than put it in a safe place that I can't remember where it is! The note had the old handwriting that I love so much. The woman wrote about the story of her quilt. When she began it, and how it was all put together after over the years. Herself and friends would work on their "penny squares" for the quilt until they had enough to put it all together. Apparently, if I remember right, the "penny squares" were patterns that were sold for these quilts, for a penny, and often groups of women would get together at churches or socials and work together on these quilts. I really am thinking about selling most of my quilts at "the store". But I know one very special quilt I will not be selling. Nor can I ever understand how a family could sell an old quilt like this one in the first place. I could never sell that quilt, the one with the "story"!! I admit it, I'm a sucker for the old stories and history of stuff. I guess that is what draws me to this business of mine.


Cindy said...

I LOVE this story! I have a similar pie safe with old quilts. My favorite ones are the signiture quilts. I am like you, I don't know how the family could sell or let them slip away, but I am glad that I have them! Great story! rocking your sweet baby and having beautiful artwork to look at!

Kate said...

That is such a beautiful quilt with a story behind it. What a wonderful collection you have. Lucky Bodhi rocky with grandma thats precious!!! Have a wonderful day and enjoy yourself


trash talk said...

There's something so special about these old "friendship" quilts that a price just can't be placed on them. I'm like you...can't imagine no one in the family left to care for them. I have two and I treasure all the love they hold.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sue, your vintage cupboard looks so beautiful with all of your quilts. But I know what it's like to move on in your tastes and decorating. I think it's sad too that people would sell such a wonderful piece of their family history. I don't have a lot of antique pieces left over in my family, but what I do have, I cherish!
Hope you have a beautiful day!

Mary said...

I wonder how much that quilt would be appraised for on the Antiques Road Show? It's just beautiful and special because of the story and history. All of your quilts look beautiful and I love the cabinet too. They remind me of Nautical-Summer/4th of July colors.

Bohemian said...

Your Quilt collection and the beautiful old Cupboard they are in are perfection... I'd hold onto it all if I were you. I too have a Quilt collection and at times have been tempted to sell them but am thankful that I've reconsidered and held onto them. I have given some as Gifts though to Friends who have adored them and I knew would appreciate them. Quilts almost always tell a Story and I suppose that is why I've always been drawn to them.

Dawn... The Bohemian