The Simple Things

I'm always so jealous of those of you that have wide open spaces, meaning land. I do like where I live. Not far from the beach, the weather is nice, but you don't get a whole lot of land! Last year I let my entire garden just do "whatever"! Katie was out on maternity leave, I was working full time plus, and I just didn't care. This year, however, especially after all the rain we've had, my love of my garden has returned. I still don't have the time I would like to devote to it, but I am working on it. For Mother's day Brande came me some vegetables plants that I've wanted to get. She knows I've been wanting to do that for my grandbabies. I think it will be fun for them. I've also got pumpkin seeds I need to get into the ground.  One year when one of only three pumpkins I got to grow was small, I carved "Riley" on it. As the pumpkin grew so did Riley's name. I'm hoping to get more pumpkins this year. Below is just a small part of my vegetable garden in it's beginning stages. I just added some celery today that Miss Victoria (Riley's pre-school teacher) gave me from the school garden. The rest of the pictures are areas I'm still working on but love to look at!

This is the birdhouse that sits by my front porch and front window. The birds return time and time again to build their little nests in this birdhouse. The eggs have hatched and every time I leave or come home, I can always here the little baby birds chirping and "feel" the Mama bird glaring at me from above. We live in such a crazy, busy world that little things like a garden and baby birds bring me peace, make me smile, and feel good about life. Wish our world could have a bit more of that, the simple things!


Kate said...

So true the simple things. Your garden will be such a fun and great time with your grandbabies. Do you think Morgan will play out there in her heels? See you soon at our favorite place


Vintage Market Place said...

i love the idea of a garden but a green thumb I do not have...plus the allergies. We just tore out every stitch of green plant life from our tiny backyard and it is driving Rudy nuts. He wants to make it full of life and fun for Brooklyn to grow up in.
I bet your grandbabies will love to garden with you. I can still remember picking in the garden with my grandma,
tomatoes lots and lots of tomatoes.
take care Sue.

Mary said...

What fun it'll will be to share your garden with your grandbabies! I think there's a book out there somewhere about making a children's garden, like making a teepee out of poles and climbing plants, etc. But you could probably get just as many ideas off of the internet! All of this rain this year is making everything bloom bigger and earlier this year. I've been getting my neglected veggie garden in order and I'm about half done. Hope you have a great day! Mary :O)

Anonymous said...

I myself am a big fan of the tomato plant and have 6 growing right now, yummy! There is nothing like going out to the vine and grabbing a little something to eat. I think your grand kids would like this. My Grandfather is the inspiration behind my tomatoes. Every year he would have a spectacular garden over flowing with them.