Our Crazy Busy Week-end!

I wish some of these pictures were clearer, but we were so busy this week-end, I had to take them as fast as I could and then get back to the counter. The picture of the buffalo kind of sums up our incredible, amazing "BSC" Sunday yesterday. I don't think we have ever experienced one quite this intense. The buffalo above does say it pretty clearly, "bartender, bring me another drink"! I do appreciate every one of our customers business, please don't misunderstand me. It was just a very "interesting" Sunday! And oh how I wish I could get into detail! Below are a few pictures of my boy Bryce's  stuff! As I said, the photo's aren't too clear, as time was limited for picture taking this past week-end!

I am so TOTALLY in love with the industrial table above! It belongs to my son and I can just see it as a dining room table in MY house with old country primitive chairs around it. I think it may be a bit too long for my dining room, but wow, wouldn't it make a killer dining room table? Also, we have been shuffling people around and "the store" and all the new looks are awesome. I've got a great new dealer coming in mid-month that many of you know. But I promised him I wouldn't say anything just yet. I think he will fit into our CR family wonderfully!  Speaking of Bryce, he better start saving his money soon. His little girl Morgan, that won't be two until June, is OBSESSED with high heels! Seriously. And the heels she wears? They keep getting higher and higher. She walked into my office today in the heels pictured below. She took them off briefly, then off she went!

I'm pretty sure I would have a bit of trouble walking in heels that high! But not my baby girl Morgan. There just "ain't no heels high enough" for this princess in training!!


Kate said...

Love your boy Bryce and his awesome displays. Oh and Miss Morgan is something else. Too cute for words. have a great week I'll see you soon


blossoms vintage chic said...

Sue, The buffalo head says it all...LOL! You are too funny so glad you survived Sunday! That Morgan is too precious in the last pic...love how she's balancing herself on those 18" heels!!!
Have a fabulous week!

Vintage Market Place said...

OMG Sue she is too adorable!!!
her and Brooklyn would make a great pair, we caught him in Rudys work boots the other day walking like frankenstein thru the house. lol

Anonymous said...

Oh my dear Sue, I can just imagine your Sunday! What is it with retail Sunday's?
Your sweetie pie is adorable!! At least she'll be an expert at wearing heels when she gets older! I could never get use to wearing those darn things! I'll stick with my comfy shoes.
Have a great week.

Crystal said...

I'm wishing I could hear all about the weekend....I'm sensing wonderful stories!!!! I think it's awesome Morgan is in love with high heels....bringing her up right....tee hee hee!!! She just needs jewelry!!! Love all the pics for the day!

time worn interiors said...

Morgan looks so cute! I can't even walk in heels like that myself!

Glad you had a busy weekend!


The Boston Lady said...

Oh how I love those pictures of Morgan in heels. She will be a princess for sure! Ann