My CR Lustings of the Day!

The thing that is ALWAYS amazing to me is that I can be off for a couple of days, and then when I come back, like today, there is just some much cool stuff in the store that wasn't there a few days ago. I LOVE the candy machine above. I love old advertising and collect it. What is tough about this particular candy machine, it is just a couple of spaces away from the counter, so it is right "there" for me to see all day. Here are a few other things I lusted after today!

I kind of toyed with taking the well dressed man home with me today! Nothing beats a guy with great body, wearing a top hat, and his face is covered so you really don't have to listen to him! I'll have to decide which I love more, the candy machine or the well dressed silent man! Hope to see you over the week-end. As always, my CR family never lets me down!! Stop by and see what I mean!


Vintage Market Place said...

okay my faves of the day are the German? I guess it is German sign
and the top hat I have been looking for a top hat forever!!
When is that online shopping starting???
I'm ready for it, LOL

trash talk said...

The only thing better than a well dressed man is an undressed one! LOL! Just kidding, but he is pretty cool sporting only a top hat.

Teresa said...

My kinda man too! But my favorite thing is in the reflection of the mirror... the curvy chair with woven burlap straps~! GOR G EOUS!! Have a lovely weekend Sue!