Saturday's Stuff!

Before I say anything, I need to say a HUGE "thank you" to all our wonderful customers that shopped with us  today! We were so busy, and our customers were absolutely awesome. I love days like today. You get home, your body is totally wiped out from working so hard, and you feel so blessed to be working so hard at something you love! Again, "thank you" to all of you that stopped by today. I've got some "Saturday Stuff" to share below. There wasn't much time for photos, so I had to to be quick. The picture below is of these awesome, old vintage seats that Kate just brought in. My photo doesn't really show how cool these seats are! I don't think they will last long at CR because of the reasonable price Kate has on them!

I'm still debating what "guy" to bring home! The one from yesterdays post, or this studly looking guy that could sit quite comfortably in my room. No hands to mess with anything nor any legs to take off and run! With all that said, I hope you have time to come down and see us. I HAVE to say this, sorry. But Country Roads, and Johnnye Merle Gardens all look so GOOD right now. Hope to see you on Sunday!


Kate said...

Hi Sue

I just saw your post as I did mine too!! Thanks for the cameo on your blog. Great day today the store is filled with amazing stuff and I was so happy to see some of my regulars today shopping and finding treasures. We do have the most creative and diverse displays in town. Happy to be in the CR family!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
I love it all!!! I was looking at that urn in the top photo when I was there last week, I loved it!! And I adore Kate's space, she always has amazing treasures and her prices are wonderful!
I love the men, I can't wait to see if you take one home.
Have a wonderful rainy Sunday!