He Has A Plan!

My grandson Bodhi, who will be 10 months old on the 10th of this month, is always on a "mission" these days. He is extremely mobile and fast and I know in my heart he will be walking in a matter of time! Yesterday, while Riley was watching tv and waiting to go to her "t-ball game", Bodhi spotted her and made a beeline for both her chair and her hair. He LOVES to grab the Riley & Morgan's hair with both hands!

After he got Riley's chair, as you can see by her standing and watching tv, he then went for Morgan's chair since she had left it. I have to get "my boy Bo" his own chair. Maybe in another color other than pink! 


Vintage Market Place said...

Those girls are not going to forget his hair pulling...lol I feel for him as he gets older for them to pick on.
I have to say anytime that you post pictures of the kids Brooklyn gets so excited. He gets up right to the monitor and starts talking to them.
Nope he is not shy and wants to make friends with all children he sees. LOL
take care

Irma@CosasBellas said...

Oh Sue, what a cute post. I love to see the kids especially that chunky little snack, I just want to eat him up! Maybe I need some grand babies of my own, ya think? My daughter's turning (gulp) 28 on Saturday and there are no signs of anything happening anytime soon. I might have a better chance with Jesenia getting married and having kids, but since she's only 11 that still means a looooooong wait for me. Oh well, so glad you're sharing yours with us!

Thanks for the fix,

blossoms vintage chic said...

Oh Sue, that "BODHI" is way too cute and I say you better get a move on and get him his own chair!
Always enjoy your posts on those sweet grandbabies...
Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to you!

trash talk said...

He's like a little cat sneaking up on a mouse. What a cutie!