White Wednesday

This "White Wednesday" finds me chilly & cold! Two days ago or temps were near 80! I'm not a big fan of shopping malls, but from time to time I will go. It's been a very long time since I've visited the fancy South Coast Plaza Mall & Crystal Court. Katie talked me into it, and actually I'm glad she did. I fell in love with the window display above along with several others as well. And off course, our first stop was to visit Santa as you see below. And you will find many of my other "whites" this week courtesy of South Coast Plaza and Crystal Court!

Below, Riley is on the merry-go-round which had changed out the horses to reindeers! It was really cute!

This Christmas tree is over at Crystal Court, which is right next to South Coast Plaza. It is three stories high, and just incredible to look at from each floor!

One of Riley's most favorite places to eat is the Rain Forest Cafe. The setting and back drops of this place is incredible, even if you aren't a kid. There is another Rain Forest located over in Downtown Disney which we usually visit more than this one. Riley wasn't in the "mood" for much picture taking here, but they have these incredible huge, round aquariums throughout the restaurant, along with a jungle and rain forest theme. It is pretty amazing. And since it wasn't too crowded it didn't make me quite as crazy as it does sometimes!

So, as you can see, Riley was loving the "white" whipped cream in her huge volcano dessert! I sincerely hope you all find time to stop by and visit Kathleen! She has a beautiful blog and a list of other great blogs as well to visit as well. Take care.


Malisa said...

Oh, girl! Where to start? First of all,Riley is growing so fast and is beautiful and look at Bodhi...sitting there all plump and handsome and not scared of Santos at all! By the way, Santos? No where but California!

That Christmas tree at the mall is just unbelievable! I must see that in person one of these days. But my favorite thing? That light fixture with hundreds of bulbs! Did you get any more photos of that? If you did, send them to me, okay?

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Just to see those babies faces while posing with Santa is worth going to the mall!!

Boogieboard said...

I love your pictures, very good photography! I haven't been to South Coast Plaza in a while, I wanted to go, but I was afraid I wouldn't be able to park this time of year. I remember riding on that same carousel Rileys on, when I was her age. That picture of Santa getting his coat blown up is a riot! And how cute are Bodhi and Riley with Santa?! Oh, and that volcano cake, makes me want to wreck my diet! Thanks for sharing the great pictures. I was in Country Roads today and took some Christmas pictures that I'm going to post on my blog, We really enjoyed being there, everything looked fantastic. Mary :O)

trash talk said...

I thought the same thing Mal did. Does his buckle say Santos or is bowl full of jelly covering part of the A?
Even looking less that thrilled, the B-man still looks cute as a button and Riley always looks like life is fun. She has the most infectious smile!
Love old Santa with his skirt blown up over his head. Someone must have told him a doozie!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I have to go Christmas shopping this weekend and the only reason I'm looking forward to it is because I'll be with my boys, otherwise, would probably not go. I guess I better hurry and buy gifts as I am running out of time! Your babies are looking so pretty, as they always do. Happy Wednesday my friend, T

Anonymous said...

I love the look on Riley's face with Santa. There is so much "Wow, here is Santa" in her eyes. Of course Bo is precious too.

time worn interiors said...

Priceless! The smiles on little ones faces around the holidays! Riley is so cute!

Vintage Market Place said...

GOSH, I can only imagine what SCP must be like this time of year.
Looks like they really go all out for christmas. I Love the pic of riley in front of the santa Julius so darn cute!
I have never been in cali for xmas, it is our escape during the blazing summers. I always ask Rudy what was it like growing up in cali and having a sunny xmas. He says great surfing in the morning and snowboarding in the afternoon. Perfect.
Hope your holidays are perfect with the GK

Kate said...

After seeing this post and the darling grand babies faces I must say I will have to take my Gracie to see all the wonder at South Coast. So happy to see that you had such a great time. Beautiful photos. Have a happy WW today


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
That's so funny, we were just at the Rain Forest cafe' at Downtown Disney on Monday. My little one had never been and he was in awe of everything, especially the fish tank. We had a great time. Isn't it great how they switched the horses to reindeer's at South Coast, the kids loved that too.
Hope your having a very Happy Holiday season!

Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

Oh my Gosh ~ what fun. Looks like a full day and everyone had a blast.