The Magic of Disneyland

I swore a couple of years ago that I would never do "IT" again. The "IT" being going to Disneyland for the Christmas parade. But when you look at the pictures of my little ones below, you will see why I did "IT" again! We went early and staked out our "area" for the family for the parade. If we are going to watch the parade, then we are going to be sure to have good seats for it, as curbside! Here a few pictures of our adventure!

0 When you see Disneyland through the eyes of a child, there are no words to describe it. And as much as I said I wouldn't do "IT", I DID and it was truly magical!


Vintage Market Place said...

You have given a gift to those kids that will last a lifetime Sue.
I just can't believe how big each of them look now. Gosh where does time go. Morgan's legs super long in the pic of them riding the train thing, maybe its the stripes...
I have a friend that goes with her kids every year and always says the same thing, it is just magical...maybe one day we can get there for Brooklyn.
Hope it wasn't to cold to enjoy it

Malisa said...

Never say never, girl! Aren't you glad you went? I keep telling you that you are one lucky woman for having those babies close to home so you can have all these wonderful experiences with them!

Boogieboard Cottage said...

Good job staking out those seats! I have some recent photos to post too! It's fun to go at least once during Christmas. We went during the day on a Monday and there weren't a lot of people. Mary :O)

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Just priceless!