Behind Locked Glass

One of the best things I love about Country Roads is the variety of stuff we have in every nook & corner! Sometimes I forget that some of our best "little" stuff is locked behind glass doors. These creations in the photos are done by Beverly. What I love best about her is that this glass cabinet use to be filled with chintz. But when the market and demand for chintz changed, so did Beverly. She re-invented herself, and check out some of these beautiful creations she makes.

That's Country Roads, a little this, a little that, but a lot of great stuff! Hope to see you soon!


Malisa said...

Oh, girl, I am in LOVE with the charming bottle creations! Seriously! This is one of my favorite things I have seen in your store. How about some more photos of those lovely things behind glass? Beautiful!

Vintage Market Place said...

Wonderful shots of a very talented lady. CR does have a lot of beautiful items behind glass or in really neat cabinet windows.
My problem with shopping for behind glass items is that I always forget where they were at. Or I hate to bother someone to get the key to open the case for something I just might not end up wanting when getting a closer look. I don't know why it always makes me feel like I am bothering people, so weird.

Boogieboard Cottage said...

Wow, I love everything that Beverly
creates! You have so many talented people at your store, I can't wait till my next visit to see it all in person. Mary :O)