I Love Her Displays!

Some of my CR family just has the "gift", the magic and the ability to put together displays that just pop! Many of them are good at this, and I realize I need to take a day out of each week to share these displays. Why? Because they are THAT good. Today you are looking pictures of displays and merchandising done by Georgia Hetch. She is in several times a week, adding stuff, re-arranging, and fluffing her product. Below are some pictures of some wonderful displays that include a mixture of both vintage and new!

I hope you stop by and see us this week-end. It's nice and cool for shopping and on Sunday, at 4pm, Old Towne Orange celebrates the lighting of the big Christmas tree in the Plaza Park. Hope to see you all soon, take care!


Prior said...

These are great displays! I am coming back later to study, lol!
Merry Christmas!

Vintage Market Place said...

Such talent packed into CR.
It is the just the most amazing shop I have ever been in. No other shop seems to care about displays and merchandise as much as your sellers.
Oh, how cool the lighting of the tree, so traditional and small town like.
Have fun

Malisa said...

I feel like taking that beautiful quilt that is displayed and making a pallet on the floor so I can just stay overnight to admire all the wonderful things in her booth. Do you think she would mind?

Love the new look on your blog, bff!

trash talk said...

Your store must be a talent magnet!

Miss Gracie's House said...

yes...she is good! Great treasures!

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

Great displays Sue! Love the glitter. Ciao Rita