Like the picture above, I wish I could just take all the "hands" of all the clocks and slow time down just a little bit. I don't know about everyone else, but I'm tired! Woke up this morning with the worse headache ever, and realized I was out of my favorite drug of choice, Excedrin! So, off I went in our really cold weather (it was 51 which is FREEZING for us here in SoCal) to the drug store. I must say, I feel just "dandy" now that I've scored my drug of choice! Here are just a few random pictures I found some "time" to take the other day at Country Roads.

Even within the past few days, when I took some of the photos above, we now have even more great merchandise that has been brought into "the store". That's what I love about Country Roads, "always your favorite, never the same"! With all that said, I guess I better find some time to at least add water to my undecorated, naked Christmas tree before the natural look turns into the dry, brown "dead" look. Happy Holidays!!


Vintage Market Place said...

brrr, yep same here but I am loving it. Feels more like Christmas.
I think the weather changes are making our bodies freak out. Headaches and super dry. UGH.
Glad you are feeling better.
The shop looks great as always.
Now just take all the clocks out of your life and there, time is not an issue...hope you find time to enjoy that beautiful fresh tree before it turns into the Charlie Brown tree.

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

Good stuff!! I have had a headache too. Weather changing in Dallas area. $70's to 40's. Have a good day.

Kate said...

Dear Sue
I hope that your headache goes away quickly so that you can enjoy your day. Yes wouldn't that be great if we could slow down time!
Can't wait to see the new stuff when I head on down to the store today
Take care

Malisa said...

Give your naked tree some Excedrin! Seriously!I used to add aspirin to my Christmas tree water.Can't remember why though. But I don't think my tree ever had a hangover!

time worn interiors said...

I never seem to have enough time for everything! I just don't always get everything done, and guess what? The world doesn't stop turning! Thank goodness!