Sometimes You Just Gotta Escape!

You know, sometimes I think I'm just overloaded for a day, or a week. And what I've begun to "accept" is that I've been on overload this entire year, and maybe last year as well. I'm not too good at making "me" time. But for some reason late this afternoon, some "me" time just stumbled my way. I've been supposed to take care of Brande's apartment while she is in Europe touring with Arcade Fire. I haven't done to good of a job of it. Why, because I'm on overload. So after Riley and Bodhi went home this afternoon, I headed down to Seal Beach. I love it there, ten minutes from my home and one CA beach city that still maintains that Old Towne feel to it. Brande's apartment is on Ocean, across the street from the beach, and three blocks from the pier. I grabbed my jacket and decided to have some "me time" as I strolled down the long pier to the end. I wish I was a great photographer because the sunset was beautiful and you could see the Casino that is over in Avalon on Catalina Island. Here are some pictures of stuff that caught my eye, and remember, I warned you, I'm not a photographer!

At the end of the long pier sits a Ruby's restaurant. Not the best picture, but hey it was dark and I can't see in the daylight half the time, let alone in the dark unless I pop on glasses, which I usually don't! I went in and there was only one other couple there, probably because it is so cold outside. I got to sit at the by the window which is above the end of the pier. I ordered myself a beer and a bowl of vegetable soup. Life couldn't have gotten any better for me at that moment. It doesn't take a lot to make me happy,really! But I do realize I need to make a bit more time for myself to enjoy the things I've ignored this past year. You know, life, a winter walk down the Seal Beach Pier at sunset, just little things that make me feel good!!


Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

Good for you ~ I don't think we do this enough. And you brought a camera , even better. Sigh...what a sunset

Kate said...

You are one gal who sure deserves her "me" time. So happy to see that you spent it so well. Love the sunset photos.

Take care

Boogieboard Cottage said...

I love your pictures you took, nothing more relaxing than the beach a taking some pictures of it. I love Seal Beach, It's still quaint the way Huntington used to be. Mary :O)

The Boston Lady said...

Sue, you have made me homesick for my "fantasy home" - Seal Beach. I'm so glad you got some "you" time and that soup and beer look like they hit the spot after that wonderful walk down that fantastic pier. Ann

Vintage Market Place said...

Well if you are not a great photographer you fake it really well.
That 4th picture looks like the rocks my dad would bring home for us, those ones that are all polished with amazing colors streaking through them.
Very cool shot.
it is the little things and time alone that makes us see things so differently. Your evening sounds so perfect a nice hot soup after a walk and a beer. Aahhh, refreshing.
Take more time for yourself Sue, you deserve it.

Malisa said...

Wish I had been there to walk with you. It looks so peaceful! When I come out, can we do that? I like your liquid dinner!

Debbie's Garden said...

That was FABULOUS. Nothing is more rejuvenating than alone time. To sit and have a beer with a beautiful view and settle the thoughts in your head . . . aahhhhhhh

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
I hear ya!
I so need some alone time right now as well! Your photos turned out great, and your right the sunset was gorgeous!
So happy you had a wonderful night.

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

I love Catalina Island. Went years ago. Great photos!