A Quickie!

Yesterday was a tough one, and I "feel" it this morning like I've been punched a few times. Get it, that's why there is boxing gloves above. Sadly, I could have thrown a sucker punch myself yesterday morning to a customer that was way too young to have such "attitude"! We have been really busy, which makes me not only very grateful & happy but helps me sleep really good at night too! Exhaustion will do that. This morning, because I'm in such a hurry, I just posted a few random pictures of some of the wonderful treasures here at Country Roads. It all starts when you first walk in the door, and our friendly Santa greets you!

Okay, that is my "quickie" for the day! If you are looking to decorate your home, you HAVE to stop by. The store is overflowing with Christmas decorations, the ipod is loaded with some great Christmas music (still can't find my Jingle Cats singing though) so stop on by and join in the "ho-ho-ho" chaos!


Boogieboard Cottage said...

Maybe you could hang those gloves over the register as a warning to mean customers!Heehee! :O) I'm glad your store is busy and everything looks wonderful. I'm coming in there early this week to take some pictures for my blog, I can't wait to see everything! Mary :O)

Vintage Market Place said...

That first display has to be tim and lisa, that is so awesome.
Sorry you are feeling crappy, hope you have some awesome customers today that make up for the bad ones.

Malisa said...

Oh, girlfriend, a "quickie" is always good on Sunday! Hope you have a very productive day today. Here's wishing you no rude customers!

Genie said...

On Friday, I got to run through your store for 15 quick minutes. The store was closing and I had to meet some friends but after a long tough week that 15 minutes was the best therapy. Don't worry life will punch that young rude woman eventually. And the store does look beautiful.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Sue ~ I am in love with that Sunday School book! Thanks for the quickie!!

time worn interiors said...

Well, after all it was BSCS wasn't it! Sorry you had a bad day, hope Monday is better! YOU are way to sweet for someone to be ugly to you!

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