The Many Faces of Santa!

Santa, everyone knows his name, but does everyone know what he looks like? I took a few minutes yesterday to take some pictures of the many different faces of Santa here at Country Roads. I have to say, they all have unique personalities!

The Santa above is my favorite. He looks as he is done, over with all that goes into Christmas. In case you were wondering, "the Christmas" I'm mentioning is less than three weeks away! Do you remember going to sit in the lap of Santa and have your picture taken? Back in my day, there was no "screening" to see if Santa was just a jolly old guy, or a jolly old guy that loved little kids sitting "right there" on his lap! Look at these guys below!

I'm in the first picture, and the other two of are of me and sister. Each holiday season I look closely at these pictures and wonder, who really were these guys? Why did my parents dump me in laps of strangers hiding behind big beards? I mean, look at the Santa in the second picture. He is definately hiding something, and the look on my face is saying, "hey, am I the only one that thinks this guy is a drunk pervert"? Those were the days! Regardless, I still love this time of year. I love Christmas music and I was shocked, beyond belief, to hear that our Marcela isn't a big fan of Christmas music! I'm going to have to make a special "Christmas playlist" on our store Ipod just for Marcela. Maybe if she hears songs from the "Jingle Cats" or "Alvin and the Chipmunks" she will enjoy it much more! Ho-ho-ho, here's to next few weeks of mass confusion called "the holidays"!


Vintage Market Place said...

oh come on, who couldn't love the jingle cats!!!
Love santa! I used to only collect the super scary ones but now I am in love with the sweet doll eyes ones.
Oh, you will die Sue when I post Brooklyns Santa picture from this year. Ohhh, it is scary for sure but I love it!!!
Great post, before we had Brooklyn we went every year as adults to sit on santas lap. I will have to do a whole post on that this year I think.

Boogieboard Cottage said...

You and Terry look so cute in those pictures! Although, those Santa's in the last two pictures indeed look very questionable to me. The second one looks like he's smirking about something unsavory and the third one looks a little bit hung over. I remember visiting Santa too. For some reason, I never had my picture taken with him though. It would be interesting to look back on if I had. I can't believe it's only 3 weeks until Christmas, yikes! It goes faster every year. Mary :O)

charlie said...

suggestion for the playlist: If you like the traditional Xmas classics, I'd love you to listen to the version of "O Holy Night" I just recorded. I'm offering it as a free download. Let me know what you think & Enjoy your holidays.
Twitter: @CharlieWMusic


Anonymous said...

greata photos!

lulu redstar said...

Ho Ho Ho....those guys are adorable! xoxo

Malisa said...

You know I love these pics! I think you and your sister need to go sit in Santa's lap this year and post the picture! What do you say?