The Gift of Simple

With Christmas about two weeks out, and rapidly approaching, I know so many of us start to freak out!! It's a matter of not knowing what to buy, money is tight, and all the rest that goes into this time of year. To me, what is kind of sad is that so much time, effort, and money and energy is directed towards the things and stuff we shouldn't worry as much about. I was having one of "those" days the other day. Watching my grandbabies, life was a little crazy, and my brain was on overload. Late that afternoon, UPS came with some boxes. I've found that buying the kids toys online with all the free shipping keeps me focused rather than strolling the toy aisles and tossing in toys that I haven't given much thought to. There was one box I got that day that, I didn't recognize where it came from. And when I opened it, I found the beautiful, simple Christmas wreath pictured above. And inside there is a note that said, "This simple and natural wreath makes a powerful statement. Enjoy the serenity- Love, RuFie". This woman, this friend of mine, this beautiful person that fills my heart with joy daily, once again brought a few tears to my eyes. I placed this simple wreath on one of my very favorite "simple" primitive hanging cupboards by my front door. And it reminds me each day as I walk by it, the real reasons for this season, the real people in my life that hold such a special place in my heart. So, before you go "BSC" at the shopping malls, step back and take a breath or two. What does the person really like that you are trying find the perfect gift for? Vintage stuff makes the perfect Christmas gifts because these gifts have been loved before you found them, and it is kind of heartfelt to pass that "love" along. Do you know someone that loves dogs, that loves to collect dog related items like my friend, Malisa? Here are a few ideas below courtesy of Mike's greats area at Country Roads!

And this last picture above? This gift ranked right up there with my wreath! I had worked three, long COLD days at Country Roads last week-end. And when I pulled in my driveway, my boy Bryce had surprised me with Christmas lights on our house. Believe me, it doesn't take much to make those you love happy if you think about it. And each and every night that my Christmas lights come on, it just warms my heart! On my side bar, there is a link to a story I just wrote called, "The Gift of Simple". I do, in my heart, believe this is the year to pay attention to that. And if you need some help, come on down and visit us at Country Roads. We would love to help you! Take care.


Kate said...

I love your wreath from Rufie!!! Her words are so true. Thank you for such a precious post with such wisdom to share about this time of year. Your boy Bryce did such a great job on the Christmas lights. You are blessed with such an amazing family. I was chatting with Katie a few days ago and left with such a warmth in my heart. So happy to share this Holiday season with your Country Roads family


Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

No mall for us Sue, especially if I can't find something made in the USA. The boys don't ask for much, I would love to have small ones around to buy for. Love shopping in the internet especially etsy. Looking forward to bake and decorate sugar cookies! Ciao Rita

www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

What a beautiful post:)It truly is the simple things in life.Rufie and your son really know the true meaning of Christmas.Have a wonderful weekend.
~Debra xxx
capers of the vintage vixens

Annie Louise said...

Love your post. I find that as I get older the simply things in life make my heart sing. With the enconomy so bad this year, our family is having to forgo Chritmas lights on the house, so thank you and Bryce so much for sharing your Christmas lights with all of us.
Blessings to you and your family,

The Boston Lady said...

Sue, it is the simple pleasures and acts that make this the best of seasons. How nice that Bryce did that for you. Simple is good. Take it easy, enjoy family, enjoy the moment. You have stated it well. And I seriously need to be there and see all those dog "things". Ann

Vintage Market Place said...

Beautiful heartfelt post.
I can say that every purchase this year was heartfelt and mostly handmade or vintage. I agree, it is not the time of year to go above and beyond to keep up with others, it is what comes from the heart that matters most.
Your friend sending this simple gift speaks of the person you are.
Or Bryce hanging the lights. Nothing but time and thought put into something that makes you feel so good.
Have a great season and sit back and enjoy those lovely gifts given from the heart.

Malisa said...

RuFie did such a marvelous job picking out that wreath for you! It was just what you needed this year! It is absolutely beautiful...as is your relationship with RuFie.

You are truly blessed to have your adorable grandkids to share this Christmas with. Kudos to Bryce for lighting up your holidays!


trash talk said...

How lovely to be able to flip a switch and see the true meaning of giving with a giving heart. Love this post.

Sue said...

I don't even have to flip a switch! My Christmas lights are on a timer so they just "magically" come on each and every night! Always puts a smile on my face and warms my heart!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the magic of timers wonderful, that was so nice of Bryce to surprise you with Christmas lights!! Have a wonderful holiday.