The Different Looks of CR!

One of my most VERY favorite things that I love about my store (I always feel weird calling it "my" store because seriously, we all have a part of it) is that we have so very many different looks, styles and unique displays. I thought I'd just throw a bunch of random pictures that I took at Country Roads to share some of our different and ever changing Country Roads looks!

And even if it is "my store" (yep, still uncomfortable saying that), I too get lost in wandering around looking at all the different looks that my Country Roads family puts together!! It all just takes you away to another place! Know what I mean?


Malisa said...

I know you! I know what you were up to! You were walking around the store using your camera as a reason to warm up! :)

So many wonderful things to look at! I am amazed every day at the wide variety of items your dealers have to offer!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Sue, I love looking at your store even if it's from afar. So many great things that your store has to offer.

trash talk said...

I tell you what girl...if it can't be found in "your" store...it ain't been made!

Vintage Market Place said...

Can I just say I have always wanted a wall full of hanging chairs in my house, maybe one day when I get a bigger place and bigger walls to fill.
My internet has been down for awhile so it is finally good to go and get back into reading my blogs