I never, ever take my business for granted! I kind of feel like even if you are having some really good days, you never, ever sit back and relish in that. Instead, you rack your brain as to how you can make your business even better. It takes dedication, it takes hard work, and it takes commitment and dedication to always do your best every single day! That is how I "choose" to run my business, Country Roads! We have been incredibly busy lately, actually all summer. I'm not sure why, but there isn't time to ponder that thought. There is only time to think about ways to become even busier & better! Yesterday our temperatures finally said, "hello, it's summer"! And for some reason we were SLAMMED! I got home last night and was totally exhausted in a good way. My feet were killing me, and I actually wore real shoes rather than flip flops. Forget my theory of shoes are better for you than my flip flops. I woke up in the middle of the night with a killer "charlie horse"! I need to google that term, where did it come from? Nothing worse than having to get up from a dead sleep and try and walk off one of those in the middle of the night! Above is NOT bags of trash! We were very grateful to have some new Japanese customers come visit us. And they did some serious spending and bought some great things. Those cute little blue trash bags (it's CR, would you expect less) are filled with vintage treasures headed back to Japan! Below are some more bad pictures (seriously) of stuff everywhere at Country Roads!

We close normally at 5pm, but we let our new customers stay and shop. I stayed with Bryce & Yesi until after 6pm so we could put all of our customers purchases upstairs. I am ever SO thankful that I just had to take the stuff to the back of the store at the bottom of the stairs, and Bryce ran up and down the stairs putting it all away upstairs. By that time of the night I was really wondering and asking myself, "do I have the energy left to go up and down the stairs"? I knew I didn't, but was willing to haul it up there if I needed to. That is what I mean about how you "do what you have to do". That is kind of my mantra in life. How you continue to work as hard as you can, even if you feel your business is doing okay! I am constantly obsessed with thinking, "how can I make Country Roads better". The one thing that I am very grateful for is that my parents gave me a work ethic. And in turn, I was able to pass that on to my kids, just the way that Carol & Yesi's parents passed it on to their girls. Carol & Yesi are just like my kids, they "get it"! And believe me, not many do these days! We all work HARD at Country Roads to create the best store ever! And I just want to take one more sentence to say, "thank you" to all our customers that continue to shop with us over all these years. WOW!


Vintage Market Place said...

It would be hard to make your shop any better than it already is Sue.
It is just the most insane place I have ever experienced. I mean that in a good way. Mind blowing displays and the best selection of goods.
It reflects the love you have for your business and your sellers.
I think that all of us business women sit and think what is next what is going to take it to the next level?
Some how when it is time the thought just comes to you when you least expect it and you get energized to keep going and try that something "NEW"
I just have to say that it is no wonder why you do so well, word of mouth is a powerful thing and if Kathleen from Faded Charm wouldn't have posted about how fab you were I would have missed out on all of it.
A good hard work ethic is hard to find these days, it always pays off.
Take it easy Sue and don't focus too hard on what is next it will come when it is ready.

Maureen said...

Ya gotta do, what ya gotta do!

Ewww - Charlie Horses kill!

Malisa said...

I googled the term "charlie horse". Really quite disappointing. I expected some really cool story! Sigh. Being tired from doing well is really a good tired! Congrats, girl!

C.J. said...

good for you! some people have forgotten manners and ethics, nice to see you haven't and appreciate your customers.