I was just wondering if any of you have figured out how to slow down "time" yet? It seems to just disappear from me and is passing way too fast for me this summer especially. I understand that part of it is because I'm so busy, but nonetheless, I wish I could slow it down. I LOVE magazines, and as you can see by the stack of magazines on the desk in my bedroom (in the blurry picture), I haven't had a chance to read them yet. I use to save my magazines but they ended up taking too much space. So I pass them on to Brande. I don't save too many now, mostly just the Stampington publications. For me, they are almost like books. I can go back and flip through them and always find something of interest. My favorite magazine of theirs is "Where Women Create". That is why I was so excited earlier this year to host a book signing for Jenny Doh for the second book of "Where Women Create"! I've been waiting for this magazine to come out for awhile now, especially when I knew who would be in it. As you can see by the cover, my friend Christie Repasy is in this edition of Somerset Home. I LOVE that they are featuring the furniture she is painting. Christie was in Country Roads with not only her paintings, but her furniture pieces as well, and they are gorgeous. And if you know Christie, she too is such a beautiful, caring person and I truly appreciate the friendship we have shared over the past ten years or so! What was also interesting to me, is how there were three other featured artists in the magazine that have been a part of Country Roads at one time or another. Lori Gutierrez is a fabulous artist and currently has her paintings, and furniture for sale here at Country Roads. What I love about Lori is that she is such a humble person. Never says much, just quietly goes about bringing in her beautiful art pieces to Country Roads. She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet! Also, in this issue of the magazine was Lisa Loria who at one time too brought her artistic talents to Country Roads. Her style and flair are incredible. She is all about the bling! And lastly, Melinda Barrows-Reyes was mentioned with a link to her blog. And you guessed it, she too at one time was part of our Country Roads family. I'm always so busy, I don't think I ever find enough time to realize what Country Roads has become after all these years. And gratitude for this is the first thing that pops into my head. I took today off. I miss my babies and I'm really tired from working at the store. I'm also again grateful that we are busy and never take that for granite. Yesterday was one of the warmest days of summer we've had, yet our numbers at the end of the day were great. The girls that decorate Bubba Gumps restaurants were in, always so easy to work with. And the decorator from Roger's Garden also stopped in to shop. And he too is one of the nicest people to have the pleasure to work with. I can't wait to see his Halloween display at Roger's! But today, it's MY day with my babies. They are growing so fast. Morgan is walking and getting into everything these days. But that little smile of hers and her contagious laugh always warm my heart! Katie and Bodhi are going to the doctors today, and I'm seriously giving some thought to meeting Brande down at the beach with Riley. Summer has finally arrived here and not sure how long the beach will stay warm. The one thing I know about time is this. As long as you spend it with those you love, you have never wasted one single minute of your day!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Summer is finally here...you have the day off...babies are growing up...life's good, Sue. Enjoy it!!!

Vintage Market Place said...

They still make magazines??? LOL!
I miss magazines I just can't find any that I really want to spend the money on to bring home...I have to agree though this installment of the Home issue is amazing and I just adore Melinda, I didn't even know she used to be a country roads dealer.
I hope your day is slow going to be with the girls. Definitely true...Our night last night slowed down and we had such a great time.
I think it slows when you are with the ones you love just enough for you to enjoy it.
Take care

trash talk said...

The only way I know to slow down time is to grab it with both hands and hold on! You're doing just that by taking the time with those beautiful babies...steal the time if you have to...just don't lose it!
P.S. Your store is just a Who's Who of talent!

Boogieboard Cottage said...

Time does pass quickly, faster every year it seems. I think that August and September are the best beach months, especially September, after everyone's back at school. I hope you will take some time down there with your grand babies, sounds like fun!

Thanks for reminding me about Rodger's Gardens! I need to make my once a season pilgramidge down there with my camera. Mary :O

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Sweet, sweet faces! Put an instant file on my face!

Maureen said...

I cannot believe that the baby is 6 weeks old already. Now that just blows my mind!

Lisa Loria said...

Thank you for the sweet compliment Sue!
Lovin' those grand babies. Hope you had a wonderful day with them!
I need to see this Roger's Gardens place...where is it?
Lisa Loria

Drawn to The Sea said...

Such sweet little faces are a great incentive to slow down... soon enough they'll be grown, & flown away.