Time, Or Lack Of!

Where does it go? The time for me has disappeared this summer! I have missed so many things and family that I normally have fun with during the summer months. I had a "whole" day off this past Tuesday and made the decision to spend it with Riley. It had been awhile since her and I had a day together, which we both missed! I picked her up from pre-school and we went over to Brande's apartment to water her plants. You know, the plants I was supposed to have watered three weeks ago! Sorry Brande, blame it on the evil time stuff!! While there, Riley helped herself to some apple juice and played Brande's guitar. Then I asked her what she wanted to do? Did she want to get lunch at Ruby's, which sits on the end of the Seal Beach pier. At first she said, "it is such a LONG walk". I looked at her and said, "you are a kid and you are talking like an old lady". After that, she stuck out her little hand and said, "let's go Gramma"!! I can't say this enough, it was an absolutely perfect day out with weather to match!As you can tell from the first picture, the Seal Beach pier is "really" long, especially if you are a little kid. It was nice to stop along the way and take breaks here and there. Riley and I watched the pelicans dive into the water, and I told her to watch close and she could see them grab fish. There was so much to see, and I watched her big blue eyes take it all in! Through the eyes of a child, life doesn't get much better!! Finally, we reached our destination! Ruby's sits at the end of the pier and it was time to eat! We couldn't have asked for a better table. A booth right at the end of the pier so we could take it all in! After me and my little girl placed our lunch order, Riley's milkshake arrived first. She couldn't have been happier. A great view, a milkshake, and alone time with me, which in turn made me happy. The fresh air must have made her a bit hungry as she did end up eating most of her lunch which she usually doesn't. Half of Riley's time at Ruby's was spent watching the fishermen catching fish. She loved it and I loved to watch the excitement in her eyes each time a fish was pulled out of the water! And it was such a beautiful day out here. There is something about the beach, the ocean and the feeling it gives you!For those of you that love the beach and the ocean like I do, you know what I mean! After the beach, Riley wanted to come over to my house. It had been awhile since she just "hung out" as she likes to say. Plus, it had also been awhile since Riley and her cousin Morgan got to play together. When it was time to take Riley home, she was almost in tears, which made me almost in tears. There is something special about the first born grandchild. There is this special bond that I can't explain and it doesn't mean I don't love Morgan and Bo just as much. I think it is just that Riley and I have had so much one on one time for so long. It broke my heart to take her back home, but I know she understood, or at least I hoped she did. And she missed her new baby brother, so with tears in her eyes, and a few in Gramma's, off we went. Bodhi is one month old today. I ask myself, "how did that happen"? It seems like only a few days ago we all spent the night at the hospital waiting for his arrival! And now I look at him, and it seems like he has been part of our crazy family forever. I have a gut feeling little Bo is going to give Riley and Morgan some "fun" times. You know, the kind of things Bryce use to (and sadly) still does to his sisters! So, with that said, I'm looking at the "time" again. I can only dream today of the beach and the ocean breezes as I give directions to the bathroom at Country Roads. You know, "the key is under the fire extinguisher on your left, no not on top of the fire extinguisher, below it"! Then I give them another direction. "End of the aisle on your left, no your other left" and off they wander aimlessly never to be seen again!


Vintage Market Place said...

Oh what fun you two had.
I can just hear the ocean and gulls as I read this post.
I miss walking those piers and sitting at Rubys. I did enjoy living in Cali. for a minute but I enjoy visiting and reliving moments with Brooklyn that Rudy first introduced me to years ago. I was probably like Riley, with open bright eyes taking it all in all those years ago and I can't wait to see Brooklyn do the same.
WOW a month already, it just seems like I was talking to you about what Katie would be naming him.
Crazy how fast time goes when you are not looking.

Kate said...

I love the pics of little Riley they are so precious. The pier does seem long when they are little:) You are a terrific gramma and I know that those memories will stay with them forever. My oldest still has great ones of things he did with my mom. Thats what grammas are for. Have a wonderful day at the STORE!


Malisa said...

Nothing like a little one-on-one time with your first born grandbaby! I am so glad you and Riley made the time for each other. I got tickled when Riley said it was "such a long walk". Ha! She is gonna have to get her butt in gear to keep up with Gramma! :)

Beautiful post about a very special relationship!


The Boston Lady said...

What a special post about a special day, not to mention the special grandma/granddaughter time. I was just looking at the end of Seal Beach pier tonight thinking, that's a long walk, but I'm going out there before I leave this pretty little spot. We hope to be in your area and visit your store tomorrow (Saturday). Thanks for all your lovely comments and suggestions. Ann