It's Almost Fall Y'all

As many of you know, our SoCal weather has been really mild this year. Plus, since the days seem to fly by at a rapid pace, it is often difficult for me to even remember what month we are in! Then when I saw these displays, courtesy of Christina and Gay, I was really confused. Okay, I know, I'm always confused, let's just say more than usual this time. I will tell you one thing, Halloween stuff is one of our hottest selling items. People often think it's Christmas. At Country Roads, it is all about Halloween! Here are a few displays that we have in the store right now.

What I also really like is that I have customers already shopping for vintage "props" for their Halloween displays in their homes. When I see the stuff they are buying, which is totally cool, and then they start telling me about the displays they are putting together, I've decided I want to do some posts this year of their vintage Halloween displays. And for our locals that love Roger's Gardens. . .their decorator started shopping in the Spring for merchandise for his totally over the top displays he puts together each and every year! These displays alone makes it worth taking a trip down there! All this makes you kind of anxious for Fall doesn't it?


Maureen said...

I do like Halloween but I am just not ready to think about it yet! Cuz then comes that other season... which I really don't like!

Vintage Market Place said...

NO NO you can't post this stuff, I am drooling over it. I think all of my blog posts have been my love of Halloween lately and this is just making me want to come to the shop and see what I am missing. I can always use another jack o'lantern hanging around the house.
Oh I bet it all is just wonderful.

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

No, not yet! I am not a Fall person. I have I hard time with Orange. I love all the black glitter! Take care Rita mammabellarte

All That Glitters said...

I'm just in love!!!! I've already started buying stuff too!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

While I do not want summer to end yet the display in the front room in the shop I am in is in full fall and holiday swing! It has made me start to gather "stuff" to put a little fall and spooky magic in my space. Thanks for the photos!

GwendolynKay said...

You have some sweet things in there. That white clown is just scary though!!

Malisa said...

Girl, I could not be more ready for Fall! Unlike you lucky folks in California, Texas has had a scorching hot summer! We won't see Fall here until October! I love Autumn and Halloween. I couldn't come in your store this time of year...I would want it all! I think that is a wonderful idea to take photos of your customer's vintage displays! I will be looking forward to seeing those pictures!


trash talk said...

I have no idea what Mal is talking about...we have no fall here in Texas...only winter and summer!
I love these displays...especially photo #8 and 9!!!
I think that's why I keep my house in black and whites...Halloween always looks good in it!

Tanza said...

Hi Sue,
WoW !! It does change FaSt !! Iwas there last Friday, and all this is NeW since then !! LoVe when you share, cuz it tells me I better get in there FaSt !! You do have the coolest things EvEr !! Is that why I'm always there, NeVeR want to miss a beat !!
By the way, I love all you shared at your daughters place .. I Know exactly where she lives, and I'm JEALOUS !! Her place looks just like Mommas !! What an endearment to you, you ALL love the same things .. Such Fun !! Thanks for always sharing and know I'll see you real soon !! Have a restful evening !!
HuGs ~Tanza~

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I tried...but I couldn't yet!!! I promise I'll get in the Hallo mood one of these days!!!

Rebecca said...

I'm so thinking of fall and your pictures really make me want it to be September-thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Yah!! Love the Fall..so tired of this hot and humid summer weather!

Thanks for a welcome reminder of better times to come...:)


The Charm of Home said...

I am so excited about blogging through Fall. It is the only season I haven't blogged in yet. I went on a broom hunt this weekend and came up with a perfect specimen!!! Love your shop!

MJ Ornaments said...

Your shop looks great Sue, and I can't wait to check out Roger's Nursery for Halloween too. Our weather seems like it's been Fall already for months doesn't it? Take care, Martha