Bryce & The Alameda Flea Market

The first Sunday of every month there is an awesome flea market up in Alameda, which is in Northern CA near San Francisco. From what I "hear", since I'm always at Country Roads and don't get out much, this is suppose to be one of the BEST monthly flea's we have out here. I watch Bryce work his butt off all month preparing for it. I know he has to be exhausted today. He got a late start yesterday loading the truck and left late for the road trip up North. But when I look at these pictures he sent me this morning, I can definitely see his hard work has paid off!

When I was married to Mr.Wonderful, we use to always talk about the kids and their futures. He was insistent that each of them have a college degree. It wasn't that I didn't wish that too but I use to argue with him telling him that I wanted each of MY (sorry, he wasn't of great assistance as the kids grew-up) kids to be happy with their lives. Brande has a couple of college degrees. A BA in film from USC and a Masters in American Studies from CSUF. But even Brande is still involved in this business of ours. My kids when they were younger were always re-decorating their bedrooms. I remember when Brande was old enough to drive she would take Bryce with her to the Vet's flea market here in Long Beach. And at about eleven years old he became pretty good at asking for better prices and picking up some pretty cool stuff. Katie's house is filled with great vintage stuff as she began working at the store at a young age too. And Riley already has been hanging out at the store and her room at home is filled with great vintage stuff too! All three of my kids have learned the "value" of hard work!! And I just have to say when I look at all of Bryce's displays above, it really makes me PROUD of him, and his two sisters! I've truly blessed to have such a wonderful family, and I never, ever forget that!! And before I leave for Country Roads, Bryce just sent me a couple of pictures of Tim & Lisa's stuff. They too are at Alameda. I'm not quite sure what Tim is actually doing in this picture, but it's Tim, so who knows! I guess we can focus on the displays, which are great. But the pictures remind me of that old song, "Baby's Got Back", "Oh, my, god. Becky, look at her butt." In this case, it would be "his" butt! More "power" to ya Tim!!


Vintage Market Place said...

I hear ya, my dads side of the family are all grads, drs, lawyers, so on and we all are artists, quite the disappoint to that side of the family.
But hey, I am happy and wouldn't go back to sit in school for something I didn't love for anyone. I did go to college, for a minute, until my art teacher told me I wouldn't amount to anything...full circle moment 12 years later I started selling my items to a little boutique back home, when I got the check the last name looked very familiar come to find out it was my old art teachers wife buying my items and selling out of them for her shop.
I think hard work is the key and showing your pride for your kids pushes them to work harder than saying when are you going to get a "REAL" job talk that most parents give.
Good for Bryce and his work always looks amazing, I love those oversized books, don't know what they are but they look great.

Sue said...

What a full circle for you Amy! Life isn't about degrees and judgements. It is about what makes YOU happy. I went to college, left 12 units short of my BA. And I have to tell you, I couldn't be happier that I followed my "heart" instead of my "head"! You take care.

Glenda said...

Wow I love that look. It's just not a look you can find that often here in the Midwest, so thank you as always for the great pictures. You should be so proud, Bryce has the eye for great detail.

Anne Lorys said...

This flea looks absolutely amazing, WOW!
I am so missing going junking, it's tough having to live vicariously through all of you and your gorgeous photos of AMAZING junk.

Such is the price I must pay for a new house, I guess!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

Bryce has amazing displays, love everything he does. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

Maureen said...

Everything is nice but I really love the lights.

I'm with you. Do what you love. If that requires a degree, cool. If not, cool. As long as you wake up every day wanting to go to work you are on the right path.