Brande's Place

I have supposed to have been checking on Brande's apartment while she is gone this summer. She's been working on the Brad Paisley tour, Lilth Faire, and now Arcade Fire. She is doing fundraising for "Water=Hope" campaign. My intent was to get her plants watered (hope I don't have any of the dead ones in the photos), but with working so much and being so busy I haven't been able to get down to her place. Brande lives in an upstairs apartment on Ocean in Old Towne Seal Beach across the street from the beach. My very favorite place and only ten minutes from my house. With us having an exceptionally cool summer and me working so much, I haven't been able to get down there as much as I hoped. Last week Riley and I finally stopped by and watered the plants, then went down to the beach. As you can tell, Riley makes herself right at home with a glass of apple juice. This is Brande's kitchen.
The reason I decided to share these pictures is because it really touches my heart to see all of my grown kids "spaces" reflect what they've grown-up with and their love of vintage. Also, I won't point each piece out, but all of us tend to rotate different pieces out with each other. Brande's apartment reflects a lot of her interests: photography, books, history, and photos of her family and a lot of her Grandma's Texas roots! This is her living room below.

Brande does a lot of her work from home. And if there are times she has Riley, it's no problem since Riley has a special little desk in Brande's office. These pictures are of Brande's work space.

Below are only a few shots of Brande's bedroom, as my camera battery went dead. I swear, it is always something!Riley likes to run in the bedroom and play the guitar.

On the foot of Brande's bed is an afghan that my mom had made for me when I was a kid. Yep, we are all kind of sentimental that way. I can't say it enough how fortunate I am to be able to share so much of my time with my family. I couldn't ask for more! And while some don't appreciate "family", it truly is my number one priority in my life!!


Vintage Market Place said...

My sis just went to see Arcade Fire Last night in Chicago. Anyway, I can't stand it, it is too darn cute!!
What a great idea for the old pull down maps!! SHE IS A GENIUS!
I can totally she where she gets it from.
Thanks for sharing such great pics, I just love peeking into someone home and see their style.
Now go enjoy that ocean!

Malisa said...

Okay, I'm predicting that you are going to get "in trouble" for showing photos of Brande's apartment. I know how you and I stay in trouble with our kids! ;)

Love all of Brande's maps...especially the window shade! I am snatching that Patsy Cline poster when I come down!

One more suggestion...before Brande gets home, you had better replace those dead plants with some brand new ones from CR! :) Need to keep the kids happy!


Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

That is a nice vintage table in the kitchen. And also the big cabinet is a great pieace. Thanks for sharing...Julian

Maureen said...

How cute! I looooove the shabby green sideboard.

Kate said...

Sue, Brande's place is just too cool. I love all of her unique touches. You've taught them well.

Have a great week

see you soon

The Boston Lady said...

So.... Brande has one of the spotlights I lusted after from your shop...... One day I will bite the bullet an buy one of those - thanks for sharing her unique space that speak volumes as to the person she is. Obviously takes after her thoughtful mom and is super creative. Now, if I can only steal her Seal Beach apartment too.... loved our time there.

Brande said...

Thanks for all the compliments!

And Malisa, no, she is not in trouble for the post, but will owe me some new houseplants!

The Patsy Cline and Cash (Riley can now identify Johnny Cash) are from Hatch Show Prints in Nashville - you can order them online!