White Wednesday

Happy "White Wednesday" to all! This "White Wednesday", I have not only some great photos from Country Roads, but some exciting news as well. Full Bloom Cottage as many know, has been a part of Country Roads for awhile now. Loretta is known for her elegant displays and beautiful "whites". In a few weeks, Loretta and Full Bloom Cottage will be expanding at Country Roads. She will have a "showroom" where you can now order down sofas & loveseats, pillows, bed shams, and much more. We all have a bit of work ahead of us, but soon the end result will be worth it! Here are just a few random pictures I've taken of Loretta's displays over the past year or so. Hope you enjoy them.

For many more great photos, go check out Kathleen's blog. She's got a list that has many, many talented people on it with awesome photos. Take care.


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

How exciting!!! She always has some killer stuff!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for stopping by - I'll keep in touch - love your set up and pictures too! Jennifer

Kate said...

I have always admired Loretta's booth space when I stop by Country Roads how exciting. I picked up one of Tim and Lisa's great pieces at Long Beach I got it before it even went to CR. I'm a lucky gal. Very much enjoyed your blog.

Warm Wishes

Faded Charm said...

You are such a tease!hahaha I would want everything if I worked there.

Have a wonderful week!


Malisa said...

How neat! I love linens. Can't wait to come visit and see all that you and Loretta will offer!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME, how exciting!!

Tanza said...

Hi Sue,
How wonderful that Loretta is growing with you and yours !! she has the most fabulous pieces .. I used to get alot from her when she had her shop in Fullerton, it is soo shabby chic, and right up this girlies alley !! Can't wait to see it all ready !! Gosh, you guys are always one up everyone else .. is that why I always have to stop in, to make sure I don't miss a beat .. Always changing :0 Have a happy rest of your week Sue .. Hope you're staying a float ~
ps my friend in Seal Beach is way under water .. poor thing :(
hugs ~tanza~