Memories Behind Glass

I have the old lawyers book case above in my dining room. It isn't the type of furniture I normally have, but it belonged to my parents. I'm sentimental when it comes to the past and family. I was reminded of my collection of cake plates, glass and other odds and ends while reading the new Martha Stewart magazine. The pictures below hold memories of not only my parents, but my Grandmother's as well. She had the ceramic cats, which were passed down to my parents. And yes, as you look at the pictures below, I worked for Market Basket while in college!

For me, my house is not just a house, it is a home. I fill it not only with things I love, and things from the past, but people that I love as well! You should look at Martha's new magazine, that is one talented woman!


Malisa said...

Hey! Love it when you show photos of your house! I love the lawyer's bookcase. They are beautiful! My Mom has that same cat pitcher or cookie jar or whatever it is. Been in the family for a long time...just like yours...Texas roots!

Teresa said...

Love your cake plates! I collect vintage glass pieces too.

Jacque Ferreira said...

I always enJOY seeing little pieces of your life, we have a lot in common.