Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

I am truly shocked, amazed, and most of all "grateful" for each and everyone of you that shopped at Country Roads yesterday! I've said this before, we have the best of the best customers anyone could ever dream of. Thank you. I couldn't believe how patiently you waited in that long line that was endless from my view at the counter. I appreciate those of you that my have experienced a tad of family feuding as myself, Brande, Katie, and Bryce worked the counter yesterday. That was a first, and hey, at least there were no fists flying. Also, for those of you that told me you loved my blog, I am so very humbled by your kind words. Next time you come visit, leave me a comment so I will know you stopped by. If you don't have a blog, you can comment "anonymously" and then leave your name at the bottom. Also, for so many of you that love our E-Mail Express and the slide shows I sent out, you motivate and inspire me. I've got a new camera that takes better pictures (and was cheap). So, please look for a new Country Roads slide show soon! Again, myself, my family, and my Country Roads family says "thanks", and we so appreciate each and everyone of you!! Take care.

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Malisa said...

Isn't it wonderful to have a store which has so many loyal customers and fans? I know they all feel like they are part of your family, so it is normal to see the family "disputes"...that is just being part of a family! Wish this family member could have been there!