The "Coolest" of Cool Cats

About ten years ago, right after my ex-husband left, a stray tom cat showed up. Turned out, I liked Leonard much better than my ex-husband, so it was a pretty good swap! I've always had cats, but Leonard will always stand out above and beyond them all. He was an outdoor cat for a long time, great at leaving rats and birds on my door step for me! Then as time passed, I kept him at night, and now he is strictly an indoor cat since he has become a senior! For some unknown reason, ever since Riley was born, Leonard has been in love with her. And now that she is a busy little two year old, he patiently plays with Riley. She looks at his teeth, turns his ears back, and LOVES to put her little chef apron on him as in the picture above. Then Riley goes back to her toy stove and cooks for Leonard. After the meal has been "prepared" Riley then attempts to feed Leonard the play food! I was always brought up around animals, as were my kids, as is Riley. But I have to say, Leonard is by far, the "coolest" of all my cool cats!!


Jacque said...

Looks like you got a great deal! Animals always make the best of friends and partners, unconditional love, that's what they are all about. Your post are always fun! Jacque

Anonymous said...

Isn't it odd how Leonard showed up on that day. He must of known you would like him better!!! Happy Holidays, Stacey