The December Daze!

So, if you were washing your hair, which product would you choose? The conditioner on the left, or the shaving gel pictured on the right? Well, because I'm beginning to show symptoms of the "December Daze", I chose the shaving gel on the right this morning instead of conditioner! I get up early in the mornings and my time in the shower is when I, "think, think, think" as Riley likes to imitate Tigger when he is thinking and pointing to his head. I don't have a cell phone ringing or all the other distractions my days are always full of. It's truly "my" time for as short as it may be. December is hectic enough with Christmas just around the corner. Then it's the time of month my books close, ads are due, articles to write, Christmas cards to address, shopping to do, and the list goes on and on. I actually bought "blue" icicle lights for my house a week ago. I wanted "clear" lights. When I went back to return the first bunch of blue lights to Lowes, what did I do? I bought "blue" icicle lights again. What the hell?? As Bryce dragged the ladder out again to hang my lights and saw they were again "blue" he just shook his head, asking me "don't you SEE the blue lights on the box? I even had my glasses on this time!! I'm giving everyone out there the heads up, the "DD" virus (December Daze) is spreading fast, along with its side effect CRS!! Just remember to take a moment here and there to breathe deep and "think, think, think". Good luck.

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